High Class Episode 12 Preview, Release Date, Recap, Spoilers

High Class Episode 12 Preview, Release Date, Recap, Spoilers

High Class is an Ongoing South Korean TV Series. Let’s get you all details regarding High Class Episode 12 Preview, Release Date, Spoilers, and High Class Episode 11 recap.

The show offers a sneak peek into the scandalous lives of South Koreas Elite Women. Moreover, The show shines a light upon the countless secrets along with the Mysteries surrounding these women’s lives. However, The story involves the rivalry between these Helicopter Parents. And Their backstabbing to show up another. Meanwhile, using their children as Chess Pieces in their secret war.

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High Class Episode 11 Recap

Before getting to Good Stuff regarding High Class Episode 12. Here is a Recap on What all Happened Till Now.

We are almost at the end of this season and many mysteries have been debunked. One of the more shocking revelations was that Song Yeo-ul’s Husband who was thought to be dead is very much alive. Furthermore, It was revealed that he was hiding out in a secret part of the house. Also, Song Yeo-ul’s son Yi-Chan is now in Shock. Seeing one thought to be dead Father alive will do a number on anyone’s psyche.

High Class Episode 12 Preview, Release Date, Recap, Spoilers

Moreover, it was discovered that Hwang Na-Yoon’s daughter, Hwang Jae-in’s Violin was broken by herself all along. And whether Hwang Na-Yoon becomes the Chairperson. Finally, the Age-old Question of Whether Danny is as Trustworthy as everyone thinks he is. With the reveal of a secret compartment in their home. The show resembles 2020’s Best Picture Winning Film Parasite. Further, The fact that the actress who plays Song Yeo-ul had a role in Parasite is a very big Coincidence. Or is it. Now, Let’s move on to High Class Episode 12 predictions.

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High Class Episode 12 Preview, Release Date, Recap, Spoilers

High-Class Episode 12 Predictions

In the upcoming High Class Episode 12 We will get to see the aftermath of Song Yeo-ul’s husband being alive. Fans will get answers to their questions. Why did he Go into Hiding? Was his Life in Danger? How will Song Yeo-ul react to this? After all the obstacles she has to face. Because of her Husband’s Disappearance. Moreover, Will she forgive him. Or will she leave him? As the series will be coming to a close the big mystery around Danny will come to Light. And if Hwang Na-Yoon is to become the Chairperson. Further, It is sure to cause some Jealousy among the Women who look down on her. And what schemes they cook up to make sure the Chair goes to someone else.

High Class Episode 12 Release Date

High Class Episode 11 is scheduled to air on the 12th of October 2021. Furthermore, the Season will consist of  16 episodes. The episode duration is 70 minutes each. The show will air its last episode on the 26th of October 2021. Moreover,  It has an IMDB rating of 7.7/10. We will keep you posted on all new news about the series along with new plot developments.

High Class Episode 12 Preview, Release Date, Recap, Spoilers

Where to Watch

The show originally aired on tvN on the 6th of September 2021. Fans could tune into High Class on Mondays and Tuesdays at 11:30 PM KST. For those who like to stream. It is also available on IQIYI. High Class Episode 12 will be available to stream soon. And for those who do not know the language, English Subtitles are available. With these new mind-blowing revelations. The show is gonna reach new heights. Hers hoping the rest of the episodes follows the same pace and finishes strong.

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High Class Ep12 Preview



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