The Kings Affection Episode 2 Preview, Release Date, Watch Online

The Kings Affection Episode 2 Preview, Release Date, Watch Online

The latest historical Korean drama, The Kings Affection, has started airing from this week. Furthermore, The Kings Affection Episode 2 is coming in a few hours. It has achieved good ratings upon its premiering. Ro Woon and Park Eun-Bi are the leading cast for the series. The series is adapted from Lee So Young’s manhwa Yeon mo. Now, let’s know in detail more about Episode 2 of the show which going to air soon.

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The Kings Affection Episode 2: Preview

The Kings Affection Episode 2 has a short preview of 45 seconds. It will showcase the background of Yeon Seon or Lee Hwi and Jung Ji Woon. The preview shows how Yeon Seon went to become the crown prince of a princess. She is saying to her mother during her childhood how she was only following the prince’s order. Yeon Seon also asks her mother’s forgiveness. However, her mother says to her that she is the crown prince from now onwards. The preview also shows how Jung Ji Woon goes to Ming for completing his studies.

Jung Ji Woon also promises to someone as to how he will do his best and return soon. He will become a proud subject. The preview proceeds to show how Yeon Seon grow as the crown prince and become ruthless. On the other hand, Jung Ji Woon returns as a skilled person after completing his studies. Yeon Seon also threatens someone to not do something in her quarters that a person is not sure about. That is the basic rule in her quarters. Ji Woon asks someone whether the crown prince is very temperamental.

Furthermore, someone suspects the crown prince to be hiding something and for some reason, there is a woman mood to the person. Ji woon happens to see the crown prince in the woman get up in the forest while she was relaxing alone. He becomes shocked by seeing her. The upcoming episode will showcase whether he came to know the truth or not. Lets move on to know more about The Kings Affection Episode 2 air date.

The Kings Affection Episode 2 Preview, Release Date, Watch Online

The Kings Affection Episode 2: Release Date

The Kings Affection Ep2 will be released on October 12, 2021, at 21:30 KST on the original network KBS2. Thus, there are few hours left before the airing of episode 2 of the historical show. Furthermore, the series has only started premiering from this week. As a whole, the show consists of twenty episodes. The historical Korean drama airs on Monday and Tuesday of every week.

The Kings Affection E2: Where to Watch Online?

The Kings Affection Episode 2 is originally premiering on the KBS2 original network. However, there is one more official site where all the international viewers can watch the series with eng sub. It is Netflix. But, one has to pay a minimum subscription fee for premiering the same on Netflix.

The Kings Affection Episode 2: Preview

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