William Shatner, TVs Capt. Kirk Reached the Final Frontier and Boards a Ship. 

Here is all that you would need to know about William Shatner, TVs Capt. Kirk reached the final frontier and boards a ship. 

William Shatner blasts into space with a ship built by Jeff Bezos. The ship is owned by the Blue Origin Company. Along with him, there were 3 other passengers also who went all the way to an altitude of 66.5 miles. The ship is said to sail over the West Texas desert and will reach back to the earth. This is a completely automated one and therefore can be expected to reach back safely. Also, the duration of the flight is expected to be 10 minutes.

The Journey 

The 90-year old actor says that the experience that he gained from the journey was profound. And, therefore, he thanks Jeff Bezos for the same after completing the duration of 10 minutes on the flight. He says that he wants to maintain the same feeling that he has right now after the journey. He never wants to forget the experiences that he has accumulated. This makes him feel good and light. He explains the journey that he had and says that it was a journey from a blue sky to the utter blackness of space. The feels are different every instant and that is what he saw, he says.

More About The Flight

Shatner is the oldest man to use this flight and it included another 3 minutes also to view the curvature of the Earth. Sci-fi fans say that it was a very great opportunity to see travel to space. He lived his words “Risk, Risk is our business. That is what starship is all about”

Jeff Bezos is a Star Trek fan and he said that it was a great chance to find William as his guest. NASA also tweeted about the flight stating that is a very great honor and they will always stay a friend.

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