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El Salvador Has Started Bitcoin Mining Powered By Volcanoes

El Salvador is a country in Central America. Recently, El Salvador had started mining bitcoin with the help of the energy from volcanoes. This news has been spread over too many other countries and has created excitement among them. People have been curious since this news was out. They want to know how it was possible to do so.

According to the latest news, El Salvador has mined nearly  0.00599179 bitcoin, which is nearly about $269, with the help of the power generated from a volcano. President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele – recently tweeted about the country’s new achievement of volcano-powered bitcoin mining. His tweet made people curious about it and kept them amazed about El Salvador’s new achievement.

President Nayib Bukele had posted a 25-second teaser video, which shows the shots of shipping of bitcoin mining rigs in the government-branded container. The video even consisted of the scenes where technicians were installing and plugging in ASIC miners. They were also seen sweeping landscape aerials of an energy factory in the forest, bordering a volcano. El Salvador becomes the first country to declare bitcoin legal tender.

This great achievement of El Salvador will bring a new turnover in the future. The county will be accomplishing more and more projects of bitcoin mining in the upcoming years. The power of the volcano will be used by them to mine more bitcoin in the future. President  Nayib Bukele recently declared himself as a dictator and even changed his name on Twitter, as many protests broke out against him regarding this.

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