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One Piece Episode 996 Preview Release Date, Recap, Spoilers

One Piece Episode 996 Preview Release Date, Recap, Spoilers
One Piece Episode 996 is prepared to release. If you do not want to leave the episode then read the article cause we have all the information about it. In order that you get to understand about everything about the show. One Piece is an anime that is adapted from a manga series with the same name. The series has received a good review and is getting ready to complete its 1000 episodes soon.
The show was released in the year 1999 and is still going on. It has maintained its place in the top 5 Animies of Japan and in the world as well. The story follows Monkey d Luffy who gets interesting abilities after consuming the devil’s fruit. Monkey d Luffy is a pirate and calls his crew straw hat pirates. Luffy and his crew are on their way to find the treasure named one piece and Luffy wants to become the pirate king and find the treasure.


Before moving on to the One Piece Episode 996 air date, let’s get you a quick recap.

Here’s everything you wish to grasp about the previous episode: Kaido commands all the current Samurai who are working under Orochi to either surrender on the spot or get murdered with Orochi at that point.

We see Kaido going through traumatic flashbacks of Kozuki Oden and Orochi’s soldiers submitting to him. Boss Hyogoro was successful in persuading Momonosuke to figure with him for granting protection. Kaido takes command of the whole prevailing army and allows the Flower Capital’s people to celebrate one final time before annihilating and destroying it.

Big Mom is seen grinning that Orochi is finally dead with two Emperors on the throne. Yamato and Luffy try to save Momonosuke, who is being harassed. Within the Live Performance Floor, there is both verbal and emotional abuse. Kaido is unsure if he is indeed Kozuki Oden’s kid, given that Oden has kept his sentiments to himself. Momonosuke was a crying infant who pleaded with his parents to save him.

The best pirate competition is organized and Hyogro comes out as an important role in it. Through flashbacks, we learn that he got the courage to proclaim himself as Oden’s son proudly from his dad’s teaching. Prospero tells Marco about his intentions to bring Kaido down. If Big Mom succeeds in becoming the Pirate King, everyone who opposes her will perish.

One Piece Episode 996 Preview Release Date, Recap, Spoilers

One Piece Episode 996 Spoilers

The Akazaya Nine had also come and retaliated against Kaido, who had witnessed Oden’s loss. Moreover, The Akazaya Nine has landed the identical hit that sliced Kaido’s chest, and it’s the same strike that Oden landed. The Queen was also shown, informing the minions that the Akazaya Nine ghost had arrived and that they should fight back. While he enables the Akazaya to vent their wrath on Kaido, Luffy vs. Big Mom is about to commence. Let’s take a look at the One Piece Episode 996 Preview and Official Information in the sections below.

One Piece Episode 996: Release Date

One Piece Ep 996 will release this Sunday. The episode will be out on October 24, 2021. The episode will release in Japan this Sunday. Further, The episode will be out for the audience outside Japan as well. The episode will be available for international Audiences by October 25, 2021, with English subtitles. Moreover, The subtitles can be in other languages than one just in English.

Where To Watch One Piece Episode 996

The show is going on for a long time and if you also want to watch all the seasons along with the latest episodes of the series and looking for it, we have the best solution for you. Moreover, The series is available on Crunchyroll. Along with the One Piece E996, the streaming website has all the previous episodes of the show. Also, The series is also available on Netflix and you can watch it there with English subtitles.

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