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World Trigger Season 3 Episode 2 Preview, Release Date, Watch Online

World Trigger Season 3 Episode 2 Preview, Release Date, Watch Online

World Trigger Season 3 Episode 2 is releasing soon this week. The anime started airing on October 10, 2021, and has released only one episode until now. Now, the second episode will bring more adventures and actions for the viewers. Let’s know about episode 2 of season 3 in detail.

World Trigger Season 3 Episode 1: Recap

Before moving on with World Trigger Season 3 Episode 2, let’s get you a quick recap.

World Trigger Season 3 Episode 1 starts with Tamakoma Squad talking. Hyuse has already made it to B-Rank to the surprise of everyone. Mikumo asked him regarding his induction ceremony. Hyuse replied the same as yes. However, somehow it got advanced. Yotaro praised him for advancing so quickly. Furthermore, Hyuse also battled with some border attackers. He fought with only one sword and was good as the No. 6 attacker. Konami asks who is the no 6 attacker to which Karsuma replied that it should be Yukimaru or Ikoma-San.

However, Konami asks him to keep in mind that she is also the best and in 3rd position. Furthermore, Hyuse also gets his uniform. Now, Tamkoma Second Squad, Mikumo Squad came together and became whole with the other four members. The episode ended with Chika and Yuma going to meet their friends. Moreover, Hyuse says to Mikumo that they are not friends. However, they are working together as their goals align. The second episode is titled ‘Choice’.

World Trigger Season 3 Episode 2 Preview, Release Date, Watch Online


World Trigger Season 3 Episode 2 does not have an official preview as of now. However, likely, the upcoming episode will somewhat focus on making some choices by the Tamakoma 2’s members. It is also possible that Hyuse and Osamu will face some problems from Commander Kido. The upcoming episode could also showcase the sniper training for Chikako. The show is yet to pick up the pace with many new struggles and problems for the Tamakoma’s team. Another problem is Hyuse declaring that he will not follow anyone but act on his own what he sees fit.

World Trigger Season 3 Episode 2: Release Date

World Trigger Season 3 E2 will get released originally on October 17, 2021, in the original network of TV Asahi at 1:30 a.m. JST. Thus, there is a day left for the airing of another episode of the anime. The anime has only recently started airing. It premiered the first episode last Sunday, October 10, 2021. Thus, the anime airs one episode on the Sunday of each week. There is no official announcement as to the number of episodes for the latest season.

World Trigger Season 3 E2: Where to Watch Online

World Trigger Season 3 Episode 2 will premiere on three official websites, Anime Digital Network, YouTube and Crunchyroll. So, international viewers can stream the episodes on any one of the platforms upon its release.

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