You Season 4 Announced Release Date, Preview, Recap, Spoilers

You Season 4 Announced Release Date, Preview, Recap, Spoilers

You Season 4 will be back with a new thrill and target for Joe. He could never lead a normal life, as shown in season 3. Furthermore, he runs to Paris after staging his own death. The revival of the series for season 4 took place just before season 3’s premiering. Now, let’s know in detail more about the upcoming season of the thriller show. 

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You Season 3: Recap

Before moving on to You Season 4, let’s get you a quick recap.

You Season 3 portrays how Joe and his wife, Love tries to create a stable married life. They try to start anew without anything from their homicidal past. However, they fail to do so as they do not have any trust between them. Furthermore, violence helped spark between them. Normal life is not suiting them. Joe could not control his obsessive behaviour towards some naive and poor woman. Natalie, their next-door neighbour is his target in season 3. Nevertheless, Love is obsessed to maintain her family and control Joe from his murderous disorder.

In the end, Joe murders Love by using poison which she had planned on using him after knowing his behaviour. Then, Joe stages his own murder in his house fire. Furthermore, he also planned such evidence pointing Love to Natalie’s murder. He leaves his son with Dante. Then, he escapes from the place when the police were busy searching his house. The police also believed him to be dead. However, he is shown in Paris at the ending. Let’s move on to You Season 4, preview.

You Season 4 Announced Release Date, Preview, Recap, Spoilers

You Season 4: Release Date

You S4 does not have any official release date as of now. However, the renewal for announcement took place on October 2021. Thus, You Season 4 could get a release in 2022. Each series consists of ten episodes. Hence, the upcoming season will also consist of ten episodes.

You S4: Where to Watch Online?

You Season 4 will be officially available for watching on the Netflix streaming platform. Netflix took over the series from season 2. Thus, any subscriber to the platform can stream the same on Netflix. 

You S4: Preview

You Season 4 does not have any official preview for the storyline. However, Netflix did release an announcement trailer of 1 minute announcing the release of the fourth season. The trailer entails all the prey of Joe until now stating what he did is for You. The upcoming season will focus on a new prey for Joe. He already staged his death for leading a new life in the last season. Now, season four will take place in Paris with more of his obsessive behaviour.

It is yet to see whether he will get caught in the fourth season or escape. Joe somewhat has been escaping since season 1. He is the only one who could get away with everything. The next season will portray his obsessive behaviour with a new innocent and poor woman. 

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