Dali And The Cocky Prince Episode 9 Release Date, Spoilers, Recap, Preview

Dali And The Cocky Prince Episode 9 Release Date, Spoilers, Recap, Preview

Dali And The Cocky Prince is an ongoing South Korean television drama series. It is based on romantic-comedy-drama which is directed by Lee Jung-Sub and written by Son Eun-Hye, Park Se-Eun. Dali And The Cocky Prince Episode 9, we are going to see the story of two love people, Jin Moo-Hak who is known to belong to an uneducated family but runs a global restaurant franchise firm in Dondon F&B. The company was first started in Gamjatang.

He only cares about the money until he meets with Kim Da-Li who belongs to a prestigious family. She is the only daughter in the family who runs the art gallery. She has a good personality and knows many things about art. The sudden death of his father made her faces bankruptcy. Her life becomes harder. Then after meeting with Moo-Hak they both started a relationship as creditor and debtor. Will these two opposite poles can understand each other. Let us know more about this article.

Dali And The Cocky Prince Episode 8 Recap

Before moving further Dali And The Cocky Prince Episode 9, let’s get you a quick recap.

Previously on Dali and cocky prince E8, we have watched Dali and Moo-hak getting closer as they share a kiss. However, they feel awkward later and da-li mentions it to be something that she did in a moment. But Moo-hak asks da-li to give it a thought as he wants more than just a creditor-debtor relationship. On the other hand, the event at the Cheonsong Art Gallery went well and visitors’ numbers went up. It made everyone happy and excited about the upcoming event. In between Tae-Jin seems to be jealous of the chemistry between Dali and Moo-Hak.

Further, Moo-Hak’s stepbrother is up to something as he convinced his father to buy the land around the Museum. Also, Moo-haks father wants Moo-hak to act on his feelings for Da-li so that they can easily get Art gallery from him. However, it seems moo-hak is unaware of the game planning. But later he did figure it out, regarding the purchase of the land. Moreover, Tae-Jin also knows about the land. Now, tae-jin is trying to provoke, Da-li against Moo-hak.

Later, in the story, as da-li came back home, she sees the door is already opened. As she entered the house, she felt as if someone is there and then she hear some noise. It turns out i=that person was, Moo-hak. Also, Moo-hak got to know that she is staying with his friend who is his tenant. Let’s move on to Dali And The Cocky Prince Episode 9 air date and spoilers.

Dali And The Cocky Prince Episode 9 Release Date, Spoilers, Recap, Preview

Dali And The Cocky Prince Episode 9 Spoilers

In the upcoming Dali And The Cocky Prince E9 Spoilers, we get to know that Dali is going to move in with Moo-hak. Later, the Cheonsong Art Gallery is going to hold a program for kids with the Dondon F&B company. When everything will going well a new character came into this episode Tae Jin who will reveal all the secrets of Moo-Hak to Da-Li. Da-Li discovers that Moo Hak’s family will be going to buy the land which surrounds the art gallery and want to take control over the Cheongsong. Now we have to see how he would overcome all the problems with Da-LI.

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Dali And The Cocky Prince Episode 9 Release Date

Dali And The Cocky Prince Episode 9 is going to be released on 20 October 2021. The time of the release is 9:30 pm KST on KBS2. Every new episode will premiere on Wednesday and Thursday. The show runtime is 70 minutes. Finally, the love which was started in the first episode is flourishing. They both become closer in the last episode. The show consists of 16 episodes, the drama is completed by the half journey of two protagonists. The IMDb rating is 8.7/10 and It is a top-rank show in K-Drama.

Dali And The Cocky Prince E9 Preview

Dali And The Cocky Prince Episode 9 Preview completed half of the series and now their chemistry become popular with the fans. It was unexpected but when they have a first kiss in episode 7 which turns their relationship into a beautiful angle. Moo- Hak becomes and bold and serious about their relationship with Kim Da- Li. It was fun to see how the two of them fall in love with each other. The new character is also going to come in episode 9 Tae Jin which will create misunderstanding between them.


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