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Hometown Episode 9 Release Date, Spoiler, Preview & Recap

Hometown Episode 9 Release Date, Spoiler, Preview & Recap

Hometown is an ongoing South Koran television drama series. It is based on a mysterious-thriller drama. It is directed by Park Hyun-Seok and written by Joo Jin. In this article, we are going to discuss Hometown Episode 9. But let’s read the plot of the show. The show is set up in the small rural town of Seju where mysterious murder crime and an unknown strange sound is discovered in the town. The terrorist Jo Kyung Ho came back to South Korea in 1986 after studying in Japan, takes part in a terrorist attack, and released sarin gas at a train station.

He killed numerous passengers in his hometown. He is declared as a life sentence and his daughter Jo Jae Young, is living with her aunt, Kyung Ho’s younger sister, Jo Jung Hyun. After ten years, a murder happens in the small town and Detective Choi Hyung is in charge of the case. He begins to suspect that the case is similar to his wife’s terrorist attack ten years. He begins investigating the case and suddenly Jo Jung Hyun’s niece goes missing. Both Choi Hyung and Jo Jung Hyun team up to find the truth. Let us know more about the plot in the article.

Hometown Episode 8 Recap

Before heading to Hometown Episode 9 further, let’s recap what we have seen in the show till now.

It is been clear that Jo Kyung Ho’s secretes will going to finish the life of the people that surrounds him. Episode 8 starts in 1985 Choi Hyung’s wife who was going through pregnancy. When he returned home her wife tell me that a guy from Seoul came to meet her. She is nervous as she saw him last at One Family Welfare Centre. It is also been revel that Hyung-In’s wife was carrying the child of Kyung-Ho’s.

Jo Jung-Hyun has gone to visit In-Gwa who is known as the director of the One Family Welfare. She asked him how they have come out of the Welfare center, he told that a cafeteria couple adopted them. Therefore, now she recalls that  Jung-Hyun’s present mother is actually the one who adopted her.

Hometown Episode 9 Release Date, Spoiler, Preview & Recap

Meanwhile, inspector Choi went to solve the crime scene where a woman is stabbed ruthlessly. Meanwhile, we saw that a professor from the Department of Psychiatry went to meet with Jo Kyung- Ho. During the interaction, he ends up telling them a shocking incident is going to happen on Saju, a sarin gas will be going to release at the train station. Now let’s read the spoiler of Hometown Episode 9.

Hometown Episode 9 Spoilers

Hometown is a mysterious drama where the plot revolves around the detective who is finding out the truth about her wife’s death and. Right now Jung-Hyun went with Yong Tak to an abandoned building in the forest only to observe him.  But after a minute, Yong Tak says that a woman has been continuously looking at them. Moreover, The ep 9 ends with Jo Jae Young is alive and seems like she is in some kind of religious group.

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Hometown Episode 9 Release date

Hometown Episode 9 will be going to be released on 20 October 2021. The duration of the drama is 1hr 10mins. The show is telecast every week on Wednesday and Thursday on TvN. It consists of 12 episodes which are a bit less compared to other K-Drama but this show is full of suspense and thriller. Also, The last episode will end on 28 October 2021 and you can also see the drama on many South Korean websites like DramaCool, Kissasian, DramaFever. The IMDb rating is 7.0/10.

Hometown E9 Preview

Hometown Episode 9 has completed half of the plot and how it comes to a point where all the twists and turns will take place. It is now the beginning of the story where all the characters have to face their past. The series has come to a point where Choi questions Jo Kyung-Ho who revealed some dark secrets which left her in shock. The entire episode is very much confusing and complicated. Further, Many new angles are going to be seen in the new episode. One thing I am sure that this drama seems more like a psychological thriller and also a religious faith.

Hometown Episode 9 Release Date, Spoiler, Preview & Recap

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