The Ape Statue Has Arrived in WallStreet With 10,000 bananas

The Ape Statue Has Arrived in WallStreet With 10,000 bananas

On Monday, a 7-foot monument of Harambe, the gorilla killed in the Cincinnati zoo in 2016, was unveiled right across from the iconic Charging Bull sculpture on Wall Street. In this post, we will tell you everything you need to know about the 7-foot tall ape statue and why they have put it in front of a raging bull. We will also tell you if there is something to be worried about from this act. Let’s talk a bit about Ape Statue first. If you have ever been to the Wallstreet you will find that a raging bull statue is there representing the boom of the stock market. Same way as a bear represents the downward of the market. But most people might wonder what does the new ape statue represents.

well, let me tell you it is not related to money per se. But it is related to other important issues that should be addressed by the government instead of saving big corporations and other things.

What does the ape statue represent?

We should tell you that Harambe was a gorilla that used to live in Cincinnati Zoo and when a boy was trapped with him. They decided to kill the gorilla so that the boy can be saved. They shot him dead in 2016. After that many organizations came forward to raise their voice that people matter and other species also matter. Thousands of bananas were also placed at the foot of the Charging Bull by the creators of Sapien dot Network. A social networking site “committed to putting the needs and wellbeing of human beings first.” The bananas will eventually be donated to a local food bank.


Harambe was shot and killed in May 2016 after a 3-year-old kid broke into his enclosure, but over the last five years, the great ape has found new life as a meme. The ape statue represents many things. “Despite the fact that the gorilla never acted violently toward the kid, Harambe was shot by zookeepers who were concerned for the infant’s safety,” according to a news release from Sapien.Network. “The bronze monument of Harambe, in contrast to the bronze Charging Bull of Wall Street, depicts the millions of common people who struggle under a system that benefits affluent elites while leaving the average person behind,” it added.

Effect on Wallstreet

To be very clear this will not in any way affect your investments and stock prices of any corporation. So, if you are worried related to that you need not worry. But this Ape statue should bring some changes as a whole society.

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