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Jinx Episode 5: Release Date, Cast, Spoiler & More

Jinx Episode 5: Release Date, Cast And Spoilers

The fantasy romance drama Jinx is ready to come out with Jinx episode 5. The fantasy Korean drama has are a special place in everyone’s heart just with 4 episodes. The series is loved by all and viewers are excited for the release of the fifth episode of the show. Not just the audience but the critics have also appreciated the plot structure of the show.

Jinx Episode 5 Plot

Jinx commonly known as Jingkeuse among the viewers follows the story of Kyu Han. He is a college boy but is cursed with a jinx. His curse is that every time he sneezes things start going exactly the opposite of what he hopes.
Even after all this, he tries to pursue his crush. He believes that everything will be fine if he just tries his hardest.

The director of the show is Nam Tae Jin. He is known for his wonderful work. The show is known for the unique direction of the series.

Jinx Episode 5 Cast

The cast of the show is handpicked and is presenting the characters in the best way possible. The show has Chani from SF9, a member of a popular Kpop boy band, and Eunseo a member of the Chinese Girl Group Cosmic Girls as the lead.  The cast also has many other versatile talents, such as Kim Bo Ra and Choi Yu Ju.

Jinx Episode 5: Release Date, Cast And Spoilers

Recap And Spoilers

The show has represented the storyline in a unique way. We meet the main character of the show Kyu Han. He is a normal college boy with a Jinx. Every time he sneezes things start happening just opposite of what he hopes. In college, he meets Se Kyung and falls in love with her. Even with his jinx, he tries to approach his crush and hopes for the best to happen. The show follows his daily struggles with his supernatural ability.

The teaser for Jinx episode 5 is not out yet so we cannot say anything about what may happen in the next episode of the show. Stay with us, so that you get updated with all new details about the show.

Jinx Episode 5: Release Date, Cast And Spoilers

Jinx Episode 5 Release Date

Jinx Episode 5 is ready to release and will come out this Wednesday. The episode will be out on October 20, 2021. The show will air in Korea first and will be available to viewers all over the world soon after that. The schedule for the release of all the episodes is out and the season finale will come out on November 6, 2021. The show has 10 episodes in a total of 20 mins each.

Where to Watch

You can watch Jinx episode 5 online just with a simple subscription. The original distributor of the Jinx is Daum. All the previous episodes of the show are available on the platform and you can watch them here with a subscription.


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