Xbox Mini Fridge Pre Order, Release Date, Looks & More

Xbox Mini Fridge Pre Order, Release Date, Looks & More

In today’s world memes can make anything possible. People get viral by making memes. They earn via NFT’s while selling their memes. One of the best examples of a meme being successful would be the launch of Dogecoin. At first, the coins were only launched as a joke. But now it is one of the best cryptos to invest in. The same thing seems to be happening with the Xbox series as well. They are launching a mini-fridge. Yes, you heard me correct. The creators of Xbox are launching a mini-fridge. Xbox Mini Fridge Pre Order is also started and now you can pre-order it. In this post, we will tell you everything you need to know about the fridge. And why they needed to launch the fridge in the first place.

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The need to launch Xbox mini fridge

The Xbox Series X, which is owned by Microsoft, was released in November of last year. Like previous Xbox consoles, the newest member of the Xbox family was subjected to a meme frenzy, with netizens comparing the new Xbox Series X’s appearance to that of a refrigerator.

What began as a meme has now become a reality in an unexpected turn of events. In the United States, anyone may pre-order the new Xbox mini-fridge starting today. The business has set a price of $99 (approximately Rs 7400) for the console-turned-mini-fridge. The device is anticipated to start delivering in December of this year.

Xbox Mini Fridge Pre Order

As you can see in the tweet the pre-order of the mini-fridge has started and it is available to people worldwide. However, there are some countries that will get it later and not by the time of launch.

The Xbox Series X-inspired small fridge will also contain a charger powered by a USB connector, based on a novel idea created by the business named “Xbox and Chill.” In addition, a DC converter will be included with the refrigerator in case it has to be used on the move. According to a press release, the fridge has a capacity of 10 cans of any beverage and two shelves in the door.
For the time being, the sale of this meme-turned-reality refrigerator is restricted to the United States, Canada, and Europe. While the Xbox replica Mini Fridge is available at Target in the United States, it can also be purchased via the Xbox Gear Shop in Canada. Xbox Mini Fridge Pre Order is also available for people living in Europe.

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