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What’s Climate Gate Controversy? Everything You Should Know

What's Climate Gate Controversy? Everything You Should Know

What’s Climate Gate Controversy? Everything You Should Know.

It sounds corny that this story will save our future, especially from a threat as existing of ecological collapse. But at this crucial point in the climate crisis, there is increasing understanding in the fact and figures that people has to draw the picture in the mind that they need to save the environment otherwise it will be devastated at any time.

To aware the people, BBCI introduces the drama ‘The Trick’. The story would tell us about the climate change in the world that will encourage people to take this problem seriously and act upon it. Now we will study the Climate Gate Controversy and what we have learned from the story.

Who is Professor Philip Jones?

Philip ‘Phil’ Jones is a world-renowned scientist specializing in climate change. He is known as the Director of Climatic Research at the University of East Anglia. He was the one who was targeted in the case of Climategate when all his mail and research were hacked and released in public. It’s still not revealed who hacked his mail.

In The Trick,  Jason Watkins plays the role of Philip Jones who committees suicide during the time of scandal which deteriorates his life.

Climate Gate Controversy

Climate Gate Controversy is based on the drama was made by the BBCI  The Trick- 90 minutes drama starring Jason Watkins and Victoria Hamilton is based on a real-life climate scandal story of November 2009.  Professor Philip Jones lead the way to the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit. He saw that all his tranches of mail were hacked and were released in public. Climate change denies all of the mails and told that Professor Jones and his fellow researchers were faking the evidence that the situation of the planet is in a dangerous position.

He faced huge hate comments on social media platforms. Even he got death threats by releasing false research on Internet “Within a day or two reporters were outside in his house. Life becomes tough for him as he has to face lots of accusations and sometimes his health deteriorates.

What's Climate Gate Controversy? Everything You Should Know

What Happened After Controversy

The scientists Phil Jones did not exaggerate the threat after all. He knew that someday they would know the truth. But his scandal has given so much hype that became the top headline all over the world reporting his video on Climategate across all the news media.

In this controversy how people are devastating the humanity of the world by denying climate change. The media who should always show public truth did not accept the concept of the truth of devasting on the climate that the world is still doing. He also told that how his climate gate video was turned down by ABC and CBS. It continues that without knowing truth people unjustified persecution of Phil Jones but his wife Ruth’s support of her husband and the fight for the ultimate freedom of himself and the science.”

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What We Learn From Climate Gate Controversy

A report given by BBCI speaks about the controversy and people should know that superpower countries like the UK and in other western countries are making fossil fuel companies make their own profits without knowing anyone. So these are the causes of the destruction of the climate. That propaganda campaign to save the climate still continues today. Now people should truth the science as they are the only ones who can give us the truth about climate change. Jon told that with the time science was strong then but it is even stronger.

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