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Matthew Hutchins Reaction On Wife Halyna Hutchins Death and Alec Baldwin

Who Is Matthew Hutchins? Matthew Hutchins Reaction On Wife Halyna Hutchins Death.

Halyna Hutchins is a cinematographer. The individual was one of the best in her work and was working as a cinematographer in the movie, Rust. She was also a mother and a wife. Halyna Hutchins’s husband, Matthew Hutchins reaction is in news. The man has expressed his thoughts on what happens to his wife.

Halyna Hutchins the cinematographer of the movie Rust was accidentally shot by the lead actor Alec Baldwin. The prop gun that was not going to work ended up working somehow and I hired two people at the New Mexico set. It happened on October 21. Hutchins was taken to the hospital with a helicopter and but was announced dead later in the hospital. Joel Souza the director of the film also got shot on the set but he was able to recover.

Who Is Matthew Hutchins? Matthew Hutchins Reaction On Wife Halyna Hutchins Death.

Matthew Hutchins Reaction

Matthew has come in out with a statement after the death of his wife. He said that they still need more time to get around with all this. Matthew also said that they are all trying to cope up with the situation. He has expressed how hard is it horrible for them to go through all this and he does about has words to communicate the situation.

This is the situation of Halyna alone and no one can imagine what her 9-year-old son Andros is going through.

Matthew Hutchins also updated his Facebook profile with Halyna’s pictures and wrote we miss you Halyna. He also took Twitter and expressed his sorrow by saying that we mourn the odd of Halyna.

Matthew Hutchins also addressed the media house politely in his post. He asked media houses to keep a limit to the coverage and asked them to respect his and his family’s privacy and they go through this tough time.

Who Is Matthew Hutchins? Matthew Hutchins Reaction On Wife Halyna Hutchins Death.

What is happening?

Alec Baldwin has also expressed his grief on the death of Halyna. He said that he feels heartbroken for Halyna’s husband and their 9-year-old son.

Alec Baldwin has also been seen outside the sheriff’s office and has continued to voluntarily help with the investigation. No charges have been made till now.

The late cinematographer is known for her work. According to her website, she is one of the best cinematographers. She also posted a video of herself riding a horse and explained how she loved her job.

Halyna Hutchins’s family is asking for answers and has said that they want answers. They want to know what happened and how it happened. Halyna’s mother gave expressed that she wants to come. Us and wants to know what happened but is having trouble with some documentation.

This is not the first time when someone got accidentally killed by a shooting prop. Earlier the son of Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee was shot dead with a prop gun which was supposed to be empty. The shot injured the actor and was later announced dead in the hospital. His sister also expressed her grief about Halyna’s incident on Twitter.

The tragic accident on October 22, not only took away an aspiring and talented person but also killed a mother a daughter, and a lovely person who could have been so much more.

Stay with the global coverage for more updates.

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