The Beginning After The End Chapter 126: Release Date And Spoilers

The Beginning After The End Chapter 126: Release Date And Spoilers

The Beginning After the End Chapter 126 will come out soon. Read the whole article to know more about the next chapter of the manga series.

Egyptian novelist Alaa al-work Aswany’s is set in the suburbs of Cairo, Egypt. This narrative depicts a middle-class family fighting to stay out of poverty. This leaves them as sole breadwinners with three small children. And no other source of money than whatever employment they can find around town or at home.

The characters are all extremely brazen. This makes it appropriate considering that book was written before women’s rights were completely acknowledged. So there may appear to be more nuanced. But everyone has some element of themselves worth examining – whether good (Hisham), evil (Ibrahim), naive overseas.

The Beginning After The End Chapter 126: Release Date And Spoilers


The story follows King Grey. He dies an untimely death, only to be reborn as Arthur Leywin when a magical continent called Dicathen appears through unknown means. With mythical beasts and exotic creatures from all over the world. Everything shatters with the introduction of humanity into the mythical world.


Arthur summons gold items and gives them to fr the verification. The elf starts wondering about the kid after seeing the Royal Family’s seal. He takes a gold item and Arthur entry. Both of them enter and a power sucks them inside. The place where they land is dark and Arthur sees Sylvie getting scared. He lights up his arm and uses it to light the way.

Soon Arthur realizes that they are not alone there and asks whoever it is to reveal himself. A Black Cat came out as a young man. He says his name is Wisdom and says that they are Arthur’s Deities. Cynthia also appears as an owl. The flashback shows the higher-ups talking about Lance’s death.

The higher-ups seem curious about the student who found Lance’s body. Cynthia tries to say something but was told to bring the students in. But higher-ups think that this can lead them to become a hero figure for everyone and Cynthia might know all because she visited the place where Lance died.


The higher-ups get more involved in the investigation. They send their best tracking mages to investigate. Cynthia on the other hand rejected their offer and decided to stay back. She decides to stay and starts wondering about all that is happening. Everyone is furious at her and wonders what is more important than Lance’s death. Cynthia among all this thinks that she did the right thing by not telling the truth that Arthur was the one who found the body not her. Keep on reading to know more about The Beginning After The End Chapter 126.

The Beginning After The End Chapter 126: Release Date And Spoilers

The Beginning and the End Chapter 126 Release Date

The wait for the release of the next chapter is over with the release date being out now. The release date for the manga is out and it will come out on October 23, 2021. It can also differentiate based on where you are? But one thing is for sure you will not be disappointed with the next chapter.

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The long-awaited new chapter release date for The Beginning After the End is revealed! We can’t wait any longer for this brand-new narrative to begin in 2021, with only a month remaining. It all goes online only two days from now – and you’ll be one step closer to discovering what occurred after our key protagonists lost everything they cared about, including themselves.


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