Who Is Matthew Hutchins? Matthew Hutchins And Halyna Hutchins Relationship?

Who Is Matthew Hutchins? Matthew Hutchins And Halyna Hutchins Relationship?

Halyna Hutchins the cinematographer of the movie Rust was accidentally shot by the lead actor Alec Baldwin. The prop gun that was not going to work ended up working somehow and I hired two people at the New Mexico set. The accident took place on October 21.

Hutchins was taken to the hospital with a helicopter and but was announced dead later in the hospital. Joel Souza the director of the film also got shot on the set but he was able to recover.

Who Is Matthew Hutchins?

Matthew Hutchins the husband of the cinematographer who was shot dead on the film set of the movie Rust.
Hutchins is an attorney at a law firm in Los Angeles. Matthew Hutchins completed his graduation from Harvard Law School and received his undergraduate degree from the University of Southern California.

Halyna mad Matthew have been married for 16 years and have a 9-year-old boy and well. Halyna has continued to post on her socials about how much she misses her family and wants to see them soon. Matthew Hutchins and Halyna were a happy couple with a successful marriage. It may be possible that Halyna has to stay with her family for a long time and this is why she uploaded pictures with her son and her husband. The caption said that she misses both of them.

Who Is Matthew Hutchins? Matthew Hutchins And Halyna Hutchins Relationship
Matthew Hutchins & 9yo Baby

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Matthew On Halyna’s Incident

Matthew Hutchins has expressed how it is so hard for him and his family to keep up with all of this. He said in an interview it is so hard that he is unable to describe it in words. He also thanked everyone for their support and praised their sympathy. At the same time, Matthew also asked the media to let him have his privacy and let them go through all this peacefully.

The family is not able to cope up with the loss of a loving family person. Halyna’s mother is also reportedly has said that she wants to know all about what happened and wants to go to the US. But due to some document issues, she is unable to do so.

Matthew Hutchins has, on the other hand, has said that he has talked to Alec Baldwin and is thankful for him being supportive in all this. The incident happened on the set of the movie Rust. A misfire shot wounded Halyna and Joel the director and cinematographer of the movie. Both of them were taken to the hospital but Halyna was pronounced dead later in the hospital.

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