Lovers Of The Red Sky Season 2 Release Date, Eng Sub, Recap, & Spoilers

Lovers of the Red Sky Season 2 is the second season of the Ongoing Fantasy-Romance KDrama. Furthermore, Keep Reading to find out about Lovers Of The Red Sky Season 1 Recap, Lovers Of The Red Sky Season 2 Spoilers, Release Date, and Watch Online.

The Story is set in the fictional era of the Dan Dynasty. A time where Ghosts, Demons, and Gods Meddle in the lives of Common Men. The Story revolves around 2 People. One is Hong Chun-Gi a Young woman who regained her eyesight Which she once lost due to a Demons Curse. The Other is Ha Ram a man who lost his EyeSight in a Childhood Accident but miraculously gained the ability to read the future. While leaving him with Blood Red Eyes. The Story progresses as the childhood friends are now all grown up meet again and fall in love.

However, For Those who are new to the Show. Or just want to Refresh your Memory. Keep Reading to Find out Lovers Of The Red Sky Season 1 Recap.

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Lovers Of The Red Sky: What Happened In Season 1

Before moving further on to Lovers Of The Red Sky Season 2, let’s get you a quick Lovers Of The Red Sky Season 1 Recap.

In Season one the story is about how the once childhood friends meet again under new conditions. Hong Chun-Gi is a painter. Her work is so divine she is tasked with recreating a portrait of the old King. A portrait that’s so divine it can hold a demon. Possibly for life. Ha Ram is an Astrologer who is blind but has the ability to see into the Future. Thanks to a Demon who is trapped inside him. He has been using the powers of the demon all along. The duo meet at the Royal Palace as both of them now works for the crown. There we see the childhood friends rekindle their friendship. Which eventually lead to them having feelings for each other,

Then there are the crown princes Joo Yang and Yang Myung. One is a greedy power-hungry ruler while the other is kind and compassionate. Prince Joo Yang Witnesses Ma Wang’s Powers and decides he wants to be Ma Wang’s host. Just so he can have access to his Powers. He makes a secret plan to make to satisfy his needs. On the day they were supposed to seal Ma Wang into the divine Portrait Price Joo Yang makes his move. And Fails miserably. Ma Wang overpowers everyone easily and starts his attack but is stopped by price Yang Myung. Ha Ram and Hong Chun-Gi use the confusion to make their escape.

Now that you have Refreshed your Memory. Read Lovers Of The Red Sky Season 2 Spoilers to learn what is to come in the next Episode.

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Lovers Of The Red Sky Season 2 Spoilers

As of now, there is no concrete knowledge on what Season 2 is gonna tell us. What we can assume is, it will depict Ha Ram and Hong Chun-Gi’s escape from the Royals. Ha Ram learning to coexist with Ma Wang. And Ha Ram planning his Revenge against the Royal family for the Rainmaker Ritual. The ritual that cost his eyes and the lives of his dear family members. Season 1 was very well received and we can expect season 2 to be just as good. If not greater. Their unique love story is what attracts the fans to the show and we hope to see more of it in the upcoming season.

Now that you have an idea of what to expect from Season 2. Read Lovers Of The Red Sky Season 2 Release Date to learn when you can watch the new season.

Lovers Of Red Sky Season 2 Recap, Spoilers, Release Date & Watch Online

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Lovers of the Red Sky Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of the Series Premiered on SBS TV from the 30th of August 2021 to the 26th of October 2021. The episodes aired every Monday and Tuesday at 10: 00 PM KST. The Season had a total of 16 episodes with 70 minutes each and had an IMDB rating of 8.7/10. As for the second season, there is no news as to when the new season will premiere. We can expect at least a year gap between the seasons. The Fans are praying it to be sooner as they fell in love with that characters so so much.

Now that you know when to expect Season 2. Read Lovers Of The Red Sky Season 2 Watch Online to learn where you can stream the new Season.

Where To Stream Season 2

It is safe to assume Lovers Of The Red Sky Season 2 will also be using the same streaming services for their needs just as season 1. Mainly Rakuten Viki and DramaCool. You can watch the new season without any issues. However, For those who are not well versed in the Korean Language, English subtitles are provided on all Streaming Sites.

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Will The New Season Be On Netflix?

Lovers of the Red Sky will not be airing on Netflix as it is VIU Original. You can watch the show on Rakuten Viki and DramaCoolAs to the question will the show ever be on Netflix we cannot answer as maybe one day Netflix my get the rights to the show. But as of now, the show is not on Netflix.

When Will Season 2 Trailer Be Released?

We can expect the Lovers Of The Red Sky Season 2 Trailer to be released around the same time trailer for season 1 was released. That was roughly in August of 2021. So it’s a safe bet to believe the Season 2 trailer will be released around the same time in the year 2022.

Any New Cast Members In Season 2?

New seasons always introduce new characters so we have reason to believe there will be new cast members in Lovers Of The Red Sky Season 2 of the Series. As Ha Ram and Hong Chun-Gi are in wind and nowhere to be found, We can expect there will be a person in charge of hunting them down. One who specializes in Tracking fugitives. That is one of many new characters that may or may not appear in the new season.

Lovers Of The Red Sky Season 2 Release Date, Eng Sub, Recap, & Spoilers

Were Lovers Of The Red Sky Adapted From A Novel?

Yes, The show is based on a Novel by Jung Eun-Gwol the South Korean Novelist. Two of her previous works have already been adapted into TV Dramas. The novel on which the show is based has the same name as the Show. For those who cant wait for the new season. We would recommend you read the book.

Are Lovers Of The Red Sky Available In English?

There are no English Dubs for Lovers of The Red Sky but English Subtitles are provided on all Streaming platforms. Along with Indonesian and Tagalog Subtitles

Hope you found everything you were Looking for.

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