Reflection of You Episode 5 Release Date, Preview, Watch Online

Reflection of You Episode 10 Release Date, Preview, Spoilers, Watch Online

Reflection of You Episode 5 will get more interesting now that Woo-Jae has returned to everyone’s life. Hee-Joo, Hae-Wom, Woo-Jae, and Hyun Sung have their secrets and agendas. Now, let’s know more about episode 5 in detail.

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Reflection of You Episode 4: Recap

Before moving further with Reflection of You Episode 5, let’s get you a quick recap.

Reflection of You Episode 4 begins with Hae-Won thinking back to their engagement and marriage days with Woo-Jae. However, it did not last long as Woo-Jae soon left her. Thus, she starts blaming herself thinking that she was not good enough for Woo-Jae. Hee-Joo seems to be the reason why Hae-Won and Woo-Jae are not together anymore. Moreover, Woo-Jae and Hee-Joo are having an affair and having a baby. Furthermore, Hee-Joo and Hae-Won have a talk between them regarding Woo-Jae.

The episode also highlighted how Woo-Jae and Hee-joo have always been in a relationship or affair. Woo-Jae also married Hae-Won only on the insistence of Hee-Joo while she married Hyeon-Seong. Hae-Won only wanted to know why Woo-Jae left her. She also tells Hae-Joo that Woo-Jae is the reason why she is like that. Hae-Won blamed him for ruining her. Furthermore, she said that she would not have been in much pain if she had known where is Woo-Jae and what is he doing. The episode ended with Woo-Jae’s return as a curator. Lets move on to Reflection of You Episode 5 details

Reflection of You Episode 5 Release Date, Preview, Watch Online

Reflection of You Episode 5: Preview

Reflection of You Episode has a short preview of thirty seconds. The upcoming episode will feature the return of Woo-Jae to everyone’s life. The preview shows how he is saying to Hee-Joo that he came without any attachments. Furthermore, he puts a question to Hee-Joo that why has she not put anything aside. Hee-Joo mentions that all this is not funny. Woo-Jae and Hae-Won also reunited. He asks for her forgiveness for leaving her alone. However, she said that does she l0oks like she was worried and nervous for him all the time.

Reflection of You Episode 5: Release Date

Reflection of You E5 will get released on October 27, 2021, on the original network of JTBC at 22:30 KST. Thus, there are two days left until the arrival of episode 5 of the show. It will premier on the upcoming Wednesday. Besides, episode 5, this week also saw the release of episode 6 of the k-drama.

 Where to Watch Online?

Reflection of You Episode 5 will be available for watching on the JTBC television network in Korea. However, Netflix will stream the drama for international premiering. But, the streamings service is not freely available as one has to pay the subscription fee.

Reflection of You E5: Preview


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