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The King Affection Episode 8 Release Date, Spoiler, End Explain

The King Affection Episode 8 Release Date, Spoiler, Recap & Preview

The King Affection is an ongoing historical romantic South Korean television series. Keep reading to find out The King Affection Episode 8 Release Date, Spoiler, Recap & Preview

The story is set in the fictional era of the Joseon Dynasty. A Crown princess has given birth to the twins but the twins are considered an ominous sign. During that era, ominous signs is considered bad signs. So the Crown Prince has given the order the kill his own daughter. To save her life, she secretly sent her daughter away. After a few years, when her son died she bring back her daughter and covertly hide her identity from everyone. The series is directed by Song Hyun-Wook and written by Han Hee-Jung.

The King Affection Episode 8 Recap

Before moving on to The King Affection Episode 8, let’s recap the previous episode of the series.

In episode 7 Lee Hwi is arriving before King Hyejong because he has Jung Ji-Un on his knees. She takes all the blame for moving the prisoners as they are being handled in a very bad condition. In the prison, they are almost frozen and didn’t even have any food to eat. Lee Hwi tries to clear Ji-Un’s name and witnesses also support her story. Lee Hwi went against all the ministers and question their carelessness on the duty. She throws all the blame on them. But interestingly Hyejong supports her.

When the matter is resolved Ji-Un is thankful to her and realizes that she is a very kind-hearted woman. He promises to help her if he gets the chance. Ji-Un continues with his duty as a royal teacher. As a result, Ji-Un started having feelings for her. Lee Hwi went to the town to prepare everything for the upcoming visit. Suddenly she came across to So-Eun and Ji-Un. An awkward situation is created in the scenario but she ignores them.

In the morning, Hwi tries to keep calm the Crown Prince from the Ming Dynasty and urges him to drop the case. In saying this, the Prince notices Court Lady Kim starring at Hwi. He believes she’s speaking in code and something is going on between them. In order to teach her manners, he grabs her hair and cuts her ponytail and Hwi couldn’t help her.

The King Affection Episode 8 Preview

In The King Affection Episode 8, we will be going to see that Lee Hwi is handling the Ming Guest. However, it will turn out that the king is very disappointed with her as she is taking care of his guest. The fans are really excited to see the bad mood of the king which will make her turn into the icy cold person she was back before.

In episode 6, we know that why Ji-Un became a physician and opened up a Samgaebang. After that, the horrific situation caused between him and his father might give birth to too many ones in the future. However, in this upcoming episode, the show will entirely focus on Ming guest and their interaction with Lee Hwi. Who could be the guest? What could be the interaction between them?

The King Affection Episode 8 Spoiler

The King Affection Episode 8 Spoiler gives us a slight storyline about the story of the upcoming episode where the entire focus is on the Ming Guest. The fans are very thrilled to know if Ji-Un will be able to discover the identity of Lee Hwi. Also, Ji Woon came to know about the book Dam-I. However, now it is with Lee Hwi. Ji-Un with a curiosity asked her how she got this book. On the other hand, fans know about the relationship between Ji-Un and Dam-I. It looks like she was Ji-Un’s, first love.

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The King Affection Episode 8 Release Date

The King Affection Episode 8 will be going to release today 2 November 2021. Each episode runs for 70 minutes. The total episode of this series consists of 20. The series is premiered on the official websites of Netflix and KBS2. Every Monday and Tuesday new episode is aired. Till now watch the preview trailer of The King Affection Episode 8. Stay tuned with us for more details about the drama.

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