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Who is Bill Phillips And Journey On His Covid-19 in Details

Who is Bill Phillips And Journey On His Covid-19

Bill Phillips, the fitness coach across the sports and entertainment industry, went to the critical stage during covid. Keep reading this article to know more about Who is Bill Phillips And Journey On His Covid-19

He is known for his health expert who has trained lots of stars across the sports and entertainment industry. He shared his experience that he was almost going to die after a two-month battle with SARS-CoV-2 because he was sure that he don’t need a vaccine but he was wrong. He was regretting that wish he had taken the advice of his mom, then this would never happen to me. Let’s find out more about his story in this article

Who Is Bill Phillips?

Bill Phillips is a famous vigorous coach who worked as performance nutrition and supplementation expert for the Denver Broncos in the 1900s. He wrote some of his health and exercise book ‘Body – For- LIFE’ which was published in 1999 and become the topmost New York Times bestseller. His other books like Eating For Life and Transformation was also published. He was formerly an executive editor for more than 100 issues of Muscle Media Magazine.

He had made the promotional movie Body of Work which was shot in Las Vegas. In his career, he worked with many popular movie stars like Demi Moore, Jerry Seinfeld, Sylvester Stallone, and Edward Norton.

Who is Bill Phillips And Journey On His Covid-19

Journey On His Covid-19

A 56- year- old who always takes care of his health believes that he no longer needed the vaccine but that decision almost killed him. He is the writer and a popular celebrity coach first came towards SARS-CoV-2 in January 2020. After his recovery, he decide not to get vaccinated as he thought that his body had enough antibodies which help to fight against the virus.

Phillips again began to feel sick in June 2021. He developed a cough so bad that he had to be hospitalized for two months. He was then incubated for 47 days and didn’t wake up. After coming out from the hospital three weeks ago he had written a post on Facebook in September. He wrote that he had almost died if he didn’t get treatment and had lost 70 pounds.

In the local news station KUSA,  he stated that the choice that he had chosen not to be vaccinated was the biggest mistake he had done in his life. It nearly cost his life and my family also suffered because of my carelessness. Wish that he had followed his mom’s advice then this would never happen to me. Whether you are a SARS-CoV-2 patient or not you should take the vaccine. Right now, he had already got vaccinated on his birthday. His wife Maria is also vaccinated and both of them also taken antibodies tested. This shows that everyone should be vaccinated.

Who is Bill Phillips And Journey On His Covid-19

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