HomeLight Review: Can You Actually Buy or Sell Your Property Through HomeLight?

Trading a house is a tedious and genuinely depleting process. While you’re purchasing a home, your fervor can here and there defeat what sensibly appears to be legit for your family and your wallet – so you might overspend. In the event that you don’t have a decent specialist on your side, they’ll push you to get into the home any way they can. 


While you’re selling a house, it’s not difficult to get restless in the event that things don’t move rapidly. Numerous specialists will push you to bring down the cost so they can finish the deal and be (trust me, I’ve had this occur also).


The truth of the matter is, tracking down a top-performing and (surprisingly more significantly) dependable realtor these days is almost unimaginable without doing a huge load of legwork and exploration.

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What Is HomeLight?

HomeLight is a land site that offers various administrations to home purchasers, home dealers, and realtors. The center of this site is interfacing home merchants and purchasers with specialists based out of their area. This organization is referred to go as nearby as possible. HomeLight plans to be an option in contrast to a DY look for a realtor by giving clients a superior and more advantageous arrangement. Like different specialists offering types of assistance, there is no energize to sign on HomeLight and no commitment to utilize it after you have made a record there. Be that as it may, dissimilar to different organizations, HomeLight neglects to offer effective types of assistance past speed and accommodation.

Is HomeLight Genuine?

Indeed, HomeLight is a real and authorized land business in California. The guideline of shaping a specialist matching assistance is that it should be authorized to gather installments from real estate agents. This is the manner by which they bring in cash. There are A+ HomeLight surveys on Better Business Bureau (BBB). HomeLight professes to have served $1 million clients with the strength of 28,000 specialists across America. It additionally claims to make $1 billion in land exchanges every year. Call it bizarre or troubling, the recently recorded number of specialists on HomeLight’s site was 70,000. In the spring of 2021, the organization changed that number to 28,000. The justification for this intense decrease stays obscure.

How Does HomeLight Perform Its Job?

Joining to look through specialists on HomeLight is moderately simple – essentially finishing up the structure. As a home purchaser or a merchant, HomeLight will pose you a progression of inquiries. At the point when you’re finished responding to them, you will get a call, an email, and a message from their attendant to see more with regards to your requirements. In light of that, they will relegate you, specialists. Specialists are positioned in light of their insights. You can see their evaluations, the quantity of houses they have sold in your space, where those homes are situated (with the assistance of an intuitive guide), how long the specialist has been doing business, and their remarkable accomplishments and claims to fame if any.

Some Useful Features Of HomeLight 

First-rate innovation

The information part of HomeLight is grounded in Bayesian measurable demonstrating and through that interaction figures out who the best specialist is for you. Without getting too geeky, consider it a mind-boggling mathematical question that utilizes restrictive likelihood to decide a precise result. It’s cool.

HomeLight Official Website

Objective suggestions

Specialists can’t pay to be prescribed to purchasers and vendors on the HomeLight stage. That implies when you get a proposal, that specialist is the most elite. HomeLight dissects in excess of 27 million exchanges and a great many audits to guarantee you’re matched with the best specialist for you.

Numerous suggestions

You will not simply get one proposal from HomeLight. After you’ve input your road address, upwards of three specialists will be introduced to you, and you can pick the one you like.

Free, no-commitment administration

You don’t need to utilize the specialists that are sent your direction. Whether or not you do, you’ll not pay anything to HomeLight for the matching assistance. You’ll pay the standard specialist commissions and shutting costs, yet those go to the specialist and the home loan moneylender, not HomeLight.

Quick and simple cycle

To get your match, you should simply enter your street numbers and your contact data. It requires one little while. You’ll have matches very quickly.

Basic Sale

HomeLight permits you to get a genuine all-cash offer on your home in only a couple of moments! Everything you do is answer a couple of inquiries, and HomeLight will give you a proposition. Assuming that you acknowledge, they’ll take it from that point and you can sell your home with no guarantees. There’s even no requirement for an open house!

Specialist interviews

HomeLight allows you to meet your prescribed specialists to ensure it’s the perfect character fit. Whenever you’ve chosen to continue, HomeLight will give contact data to the specialist.

Home experts

HomeLight has a group of home experts who can respond to any inquiries merchants and purchasers have. Specialists can likewise use these assets. These home experts assemble data on you and give it to your picked specialist whenever you’ve chosen.

Specialist apparatuses

Assuming you’re a realtor, you don’t need to trust that HomeLight’s calculations will track down you. The site offers instruments that can assist you with expanding your perceivability. You can make a profile on the stage in only minutes.

HomeLight Official Website

How Much Amount Does HomeLight Charge?

The specialist matching charges at HomeLight is totally free for home dealers and purchasers. You are not the slightest bit committed to working with the specialist you’ve coordinated with. You can investigate more reasonable choices to settle on a superior trading choice. In any case, when you focus on selling with a HomeLight specialist, you should pay a strong commission of 5-6%. This commission will then, at that point, be separated similarly between the purchaser’s representative and the dealer’s representative. We should expect you are selling a house for $408,800 – here when you pay a pocket-consuming commission of 6% you’re essentially paying $24,528 as specialist commission. 


Assuming that you decide on Flat Fee MLS sites, for example, Houzeo, you can save the whole 3% of your merchant or posting specialist’s bonus. Houzeo charges you a one-time level expense (as low as $329), contingent upon your necessities. You truly do pay commission to the purchaser’s representative to draw in great arrangements. So when you pick Houzeo over HomeLight, you wind up saving a significant measure of $11935.


Regardless of whether you’re a home purchaser or a home dealer, there’s no expense associated with utilizing HomeLight. In the event that you really try to avoid any of the specialists and HomeLight winds up calling you, basically, let them know you’re not intrigued. Unquestionably, on the off chance that you don’t as of now have an incredible specialist arranged, there’s no danger in looking at them to gauge every one of your choices.

HomeLight Official Website