Susanna Griso tells us the last message she received from Ana Rosa Quintana

Susanna Gray She is a restless woman who is passionate about culture and takes advantage of the weekends to soak up the vast offer that there is in Madrid in this sector. Along with a friend, S.Usanna Griso did not want to miss the ballet in which several Ukrainian ballerinas took part. “I made a commitment to the director and here we are,” said Susanna, who from minute zero has been very supportive of the Ukraine drama to the point of presenting its informative space with one of the typical embroidered blouses of that countryNow that her partner and rival Ana Rosa Quintana is in the final phase of her cancer treatment, Susanna Griso revealed the latest messages she has exchanged with the director of ‘The AR Program’ and, of course, took advantage of the occasion to send him a kiss and a wish: “Get well soon“Susanna Griso also spoke of the return to Spain of King Emeritus Juan Carlos, with whom he maintains a very good relationship. In fact, the king emeritus did not hesitate to contact the journalist to clarify his business with Gerard Piqué. “I think that the reunion with the family was looking forward to it and if this relationship is normalized, much better“Commented Susanna, who was gorgeous in a spring green knit dress that she has combined with a Louis Vuitton bag and brown espadrilles. Do you want to hear her statements? All you have to do is press play.