Call for aid -Forward Innovation- 2022

Today, May 25, the call for aid has been opened -Forward Innovation- to support innovation in Castile-La Mancha. These aids are endowed with 3.5 million euros and are intended to help small, medium and large companies bet on their innovation processes, develop strategic sectors of intelligent specialization and favor the incorporation of personnel dedicated to R&D+ Yo.
The actions eligible for these grants are divided into the following lines of action:

Line 1. Start-up of new goods or services or a significant improvement of those already manufactured or carried out.
Prototyping, demonstration. Development of pilot projects. Testing, validation or certifications of new or improved products or services. Solution development projects in the field of information technology, electronics and communications.

Line 2. Implementation of new or significantly improved processes through the incorporation of emerging technologies.
Application of a new production or supply method. Application of a new organizational method to the organization of the workplace. Implementation of standards to improve the quality of the company’s processes.

Routine efforts to improve the quality of goods or processes. Adaptations of an existing product or process to the specific requirements imposed by a client. Periodic or seasonal changes. Minor modifications of existing goods or services to differentiate them from similar ones. Software maintenance or its minor updates. Planning of the productive activity, the substitution or modification of installations, machines, equipment and systems for production that do not imply a significant technological novelty. Creation of an online store. Market research and prospecting for new trends, preparation of marketing plans, advertising campaigns, design and samples for the launch of new products, and interior design and window dressing.

To guarantee the financing of innovative projects, the advance payment of part of the aid is incorporated.
Wages and salaries of the company’s own personnel involved in the execution of the project. Labor costs of new hiring of own personnel for the execution of the project. Costs of instruments and material of a technical nature. New fixed assets: costs for the acquisition of technological equipment. External collaborations: the costs of consultancy, engineering, laboratories, certifications, and equivalent services. Contractual research costs, knowledge and patents acquired by license. Costs for acquiring software licences, standard or custom computer applications, and computer programs, implemented for the first time. The eligible projects may not be less than 5,000.00 euros, nor exceed 250,000.00 euros. The grant amount to grant will be determined by a percentage that will be applied to the investment or cost that is considered eligible, depending on the type of beneficiary: a) A Four. Five% for micro and small businesses. b) A 35% for medium-sized companies c) A 25% for large companies.
The execution period will be up to 12 months, counting from the date of application for the aid.
The aid can be requested from May 26 to July 26, 2022.
From the FEDA Incentive Service we put at your disposal our team specialized in managing aid and subsidies for technical validation of the eligible project. We remind you that by being a member of FEDA, you have the possibility that we help you assess the best subsidy and financing options for your project. In addition, we have specialized personnel who will maximize the potential of your project.