Pilar Rubio does not fail Vania Millán and they have a great time at her bachelorette party

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Pilar Rubio has been at a dinner in which Vania Millán has been the protagonist because they have shared some images as a bachelorette party in which they also boast of friendship

How little is left for The wedding of Vania Millán and Julián Bayón is celebrated. The couple will say yes I do on June 4 and they are already finalizing the preparations. But in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of getting everything ready for that day, the model has made a break to go with her friends in what could have been a kind of bachelorette party and in which Pilar Rubio has not been absent. She has been the presenter in charge of sharing on her social networks some images of the evening that both have enjoyed with a group of friends.Pilar Rubio, despite the fact that she now lives in Paris with Sergio Ramos and their children, spends a lot of time in Madrid. She this week she is fulfilling several professional commitments in the city and She has not hesitated to find a place to be with her friend in the days leading up to her wedding. True to her sugarcane style with a black look, with applications, her hair pulled back and feline makeup, the El Hormiguero collaborator has enjoyed herself to the fullest. In the photos, you can see how they had a great time and how the presenter is very excited about the wedding of Vania Millán, who one day was her sister-in-law.Vania Millán and Pilar Rubio flat out. Instagram @pilarrubio Because we must remember that for Vania Millán her wedding with Julián Bayón will be her second marriage. The model was married at the time to René Ramos, brother of Sergio Ramos and current partner of Lorena Gómez. Since then Pilar and she have strengthened ties and despite the fact that Vania and René broke up years ago, they have managed to maintain their friendship, which they show off on numerous occasions. So now, even though they are no longer part of the same family, Pilar will be with the bride on the most special day of her life.