Adam Wingard Confirms He Wants Nicolas Cage in ‘Face to Face’ Sequel

In an interview with Empire, director Adam Wingard has confirmed that he wants to re-team Nicolas Cage to star in the sequel to ‘Face to face‘ (despite his character dying at the end of it…). “She’s having a great time. Even before ‘Pig’ came out, we saw it as a Nicolas Cage movie,” Wingard comments to the aforementioned medium. “Now this has become totally obvious. A couple of years ago, the studio would have wanted an up-and-coming young actor or something. But right now, Nicolas Cage is once again one of the most attractive actors in Hollywood.” Although Cage has not yet committed to participating in the project, during the promotion of ‘The unbearable weight of enormous talent’ he acknowledged that he had had several conversations about it with producer Neal H. Moritz. Now that it seems that Cage has returned to being well seen in Hollywood, the decision could depend on the quality of the script written for the occasion by Adam Wingard and his usual screenwriter, Simon Barrett. “This is the most challenging script we’ve ever worked on. There’s a lot of pressure to want to make sure it lives up to the legacy of that project. which is ‘Face to Face,'” Wingard says in the interview with Empire. “We’re fine-tuning a lot. We’re not going to share it until everyone says, ‘This is the final one,'” he concludes. That yes, at least for the moment not a single mention of John Travolta, the other great protagonist of ‘Face to face‘ (and whose character does survive to the end of the movie). In addition to this possible sequel, Wingard is also working on the continuations of ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ and ‘The Guest’, as well as in the film adaptations of ‘ThunderCats: The Cosmic Felines’, the television series created by Tobin Wolf in the 1980s, and ‘Hardcore’, the comic by Robert Kirkman and Marc Silvestri .