Shakira normalizes the bomb of her separation and closes her most chaotic week

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After announcing her breakup with Gerard Piqué, Shakira has continued with her life as if nothing had happened. An attitude highly applauded by his followers

Shakira and Gerard Piqué are the undisputed protagonists of the month (and of the summer). Last weekend they took a step forward and announced their separation and, from that precise moment, they monopolized all the spotlights. The Colombian has taken refuge in her family and in her professional projects, and it is rumored that she could be rethinking the idea of ​​settling in the mansion she owns in Miami. But where is the footballer? Since the bomb went off Piqué has shielded himself completely and has even declined the invitation to attend the wedding of his teammate, Jordi Alba. Shakira, for her part, has normalized the whole situation and has not hidden from the cameras at any time. Shakira is not going through her best personal moment but as an artist he knows that the show must go on and he has no choice but to continue with his life. The singer, while Gerard Piqué keeps a low profile, has continued with her routines in Barcelona before everyone’s eyes and has reappeared at her children’s school with a huge XXL pizza in hand to celebrate that the school year has already finished. Shakira has arrived at the school where her little ones study accompanied by her brother Tonino, her right hand, and has done completely naturally carrying a cardboard box in his hands. It’s been a very busy few days and the interpreter of ‘I congratulate you’ has not hesitated to focus on her father’s recovery after suffering a serious fall for which she had to spend several days in the hospital.Shakira and her brother Tonino in Barcelona. Gtres Gerard Piqué, for his part, has shown a completely different attitude from that of his ex-partner and has decided to hide from the media. It is unknown how and with whom the Catalan is doing in the face of his breakup. The only movement that he has carried out in recent days was last Wednesday the 8th when he returned to the marital home. A single reappearance that has done nothing but generate even more interest in the media scene.