What is the true relationship between Cayetano and Fran? Kiko Rivera responds

Exclusive Kiko Rivera

Kiko Rivera, who maintains a very disparate relationship with his brothers Cayetano and Fran, has spoken exclusively to us about how he perceives the relationship between the two bullfighters

Kiko Rivera has opened up in the channel in the interview that this week has granted exclusively to our magazine. The DJ has spoken for ‘Lectures’ about all the family events that surround him and, inevitably, the name of all his brothers is very present in our pages. Kiko has spoken about Isa Pantoja and addressed her. He has also referred to Fran Rivera to respond to the bullfighter’s latest statements about him. And he has not left Cayetano without mentioningalthough in his case in a different way. Kiko Rivera has reaffirmed himself in our pages in that “Cayetano Rivera is my favorite brother”. The DJ has been very happy that “for a couple of years I have been experiencing with Cayetano what it is like to have an older brother, I ask him for advice”. Kiko is happy about this because “it’s something new for me.” And he remembered with nostalgia that “If I feel sad about something, it’s not having enjoyed it as a child.” But do you think Fran is jealous of this relationship she has with Cayetano? Kiko Rivera has been very clear in responding.Instagram @cayetanorivera On how Fran can feel about the relationship between Kiko and Cayetano Rivera, the son of Isabel Pantoja has been blunt. “I don’t know if he’s jealous. And it’s not something that bothers me.” Then he answered the question of where Fran was on Cayetano’s son’s birthday, an event that Kiko did attend. “I do not know. Don’t ask me if Francisco was invited or not. I don’t know his personal situation now with my brother. As everyone knows, there have been moves between them. And I know because I often meet with my brother Cayetano and we don’t talk about Francisco. It is not in our conversations ”, he commented, unmarking the right-hander from his relationship with Cayetano and remembering the most tense past between them.