Àngel Llàcer and Carlos Latre talk about ALL the surprises that will be at Chenoa’s wedding

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Àngel Llàcer and Carlos Latre have spoken at length about Chenoa’s wedding. The actor and the comedian have many plans in mind for the singer to enjoy this great day and have dropped what it is about

The big day has come for Chenoa. The former contestant of ‘Operación Triunfo 1’ and Miguel Encinas have already become husband and wife in a long-awaited civil ceremony held in Mallorca. There are many details that we already know and one of the most important is the wedding dress designed by Hannibal Laguna. Chenoa could not be more nervous about this important step forward that she has taken after waiting two long years. The artist has been supported by great friends and former triumphs, such as Natalia, Gisela, Geno and Alejandro Parreño. Nevertheless, Àngel Llàcer and Carlos Latre did not want to miss this link for anything in the world either.Àngel Llàcer and Carlos Latre maintain a very close relationship with Chenoa and his work as a jury for ‘Tu cara me sonido’ has forged a precious friendship between the threeso the actor and comedian didn’t think twice and accepted the invitation.”We wish you happiness and that they enjoy today because of course a wedding is already known, you are so nervous with so many preparations and everything that in the end you do not end up enjoying the day”, Àngel Llàcer has confessed. “I have told Laura not to tell her any. No matter what happens, don’t tell her anything”, Carlos Latre advised her. But, what are they up to? This wedding has brought together well-known faces from the musical world and Llàcer and Latre intend to do everything possible so that Chenoa enjoys this unforgettable moment. PRESS PLAY and find out about all the plans they have in mind!