The scare of Emma García with the sudden fall of one of her collaborators from ‘Viva la vida’

Viva la vida Emma Garcia

The collaborator Pilar Vidal has suffered a live fall that has worried Emma García a lot

The program ‘Viva la vida’ has started, as usual, from the vicinity of the set talking about the central theme of the day: Rocío Carrasco. To do this, Emma García has been accompanied by three of her collaborators Terelu Campos, Ana María Aldón, Isabel Rábago and Pilar Vidal who have given the first headline of what for them has been the definitive step of Rocío Jurado’s daughter in ‘En the name of Rocío’. They were all walking towards the set through the corridors of Telecinco when from one moment to another Pilar Vidal has finished on the ground. Terelu Campos and Ana María have gone to her aid when Emma, ​​frightened by what has happened, has worried about the state of her partner. The presenter was ahead and she did not notice until the journalist was already on the ground. “Honey, are you ok? You have to be careful with this ground.” he exclaimed. “Thank God it was nothing,” replied Terelu.Pilar Vidal falls live Mediaset Fortunately, everything has been in a scare and the journalist got up without any problem. As Pilar herself has told, the wedges they were carrying have played a trick on him and he has slipped. A funny anecdote with which they have started a very intense program. “You scared me, huh… but since you are doing sports now, it has been good for you,” he joked. “You have been very agile, very fast but luckily it has been a scare”, he has declared much calmer aware that things have not gone any further: “You have been lucky with the fall”, he concluded to continue with the content of the program.Live lifeMediaset