Pixar came back… but it didn’t come to infinity

And 833 days later, Pixar finally returned to theaters around the world. A bittersweet reunion… because apparently it was not as expected as could be expected (or desired). In his first three daysLightyear‘ has grossed just over $85 million (always) worldwide. A figure clearly lower than the 135 million that was estimated a few days ago that it could collect. More than half of the proceeds, 51 million, has been in 4,255 theaters in the United States, which has not earned it to lead the North American box office (nor the Spanish either). Although it is inevitable to speak of disappointment, it is by far the best premiere of an animated film since the start of the pandemic, grossing more than double that of films like ‘Sing! 2’ and ‘The Bad Guys’. Although it is true that ‘Sonic 2. The movie’ was able to raise 72 million two and a half months ago. It’s early to pass judgment… but in any case, let’s not forget that the film is worth it and will have a second life when it premieres on Disney+ in 42 days. Until then, we will have to see how it behaves… just like other animated films for the whole family, such as ‘Minions: The Origin of Gru’. ‘Jurassic World: Dominion‘ repeats at the top of the North American box office (as well as the Spanish one) with a collection of just over 58 million in 4,697, around 60% less than last week. Its world total amounts to 620 million (and peak), 250 of them in the USA. For your part ‘Top Gun: Maverick‘ closes the podium with a box office of 44 million in 4,035 cinemas, around 15% less than the previous week. For context, it is the second best fourth weekend in history. Its world total amounts to about 885 million (and peak), 466 of them in the USA.