Kim Ji Suk Sends a Touching Gift to Jung So Min

The actor Kim Ji Suk who starred alongside Jung So Min the drama “Montly House» I send a coffee cart to the set of «Alchemy of Souls» that the actress is currently filming, but the beautiful message with which she accompanied her gift is the sweetest thing I have ever seen and proves how close the two stars are. The adorably “helpful” message from Kim Ji Suk for the cast and crew of “Alchemy of Souls” says the following:

The user guide of Jung So Minaccording to Ji Suk1. The first scene can be difficult at times…her eyes swell like a newborn baby’s…2. She is allergic to dust… please use a humidifier [por su bien]…3. She falls asleep from time to time during filming, but her ears are always open.4. When she starts laughing, don’t be surprised if you get a full view of her throat 5. She is eight times colder than other people. Please give him heat packs.6. When it’s past 10 pm, please give him food. Just throw any food at it.7. she is an INFJ [tipo de personalidad MBTI]. Lawyer. She wants everything and everyone to be at peace. Kim Ji Suk

Meanwhile, the banner on top of the truck hilariously reads: “[Jung] So Min, don’t stand there debating [qué comprar], and only choose two drinks! Of Kim Ji Suk”. By posting photos of the coffee truck and the sweet message from Kim Ji Suk, Jung So Min nostalgically recalled the time they spent filming the romantic drama together “ Monthly Magazine Home ”. The actress wrote: “The coffee truck from Kim Ji Suk which really moved me 3000. First, I was moved by the thought, ‘That’s right… for eight months, I worked with an oppa who knew me well and was so considerate of me. .!’ And then he moved me (?) Once again the brutal honesty. Thank you; Thanks to you, it was a day that suddenly filled me with strength.” Credits Soompi

Veronica Troncoso

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