Why has he posed in a swimsuit? The important message of Carmen Borrego

Exclusive · Carmen Borrego Campos

Carmen Borrego has starred in an explosive cover in Lecturas en swimsuit and has launched an awareness message for all women

Carmen Borrego has starred in the summer posing exclusively for Lecturas. María Teresa’s daughter is in a personal moment of great joy after having experienced a magical moment at the wedding of her son, José María Almoguera: “”I want you to be happy, I want you to take care of yourselves as you have done so far, and I don’t want to see my son serious again, I want to see him with that happy face for the rest of my life”, she confessed emotionally during the speech she gave in front of all the guests. Weeks after that moment, Carmen has starred in one of the hottest covers in a swimsuit.Empowered and more proud than ever of her curves, this is how Carmen Borrego has appeared on our cover. This attitude of the Sálvame collaborator has attracted special attention and she wanted to launch an important message with which she shows that she will give the least importance to the criticisms they make about her body. swimsuit so that no one says: “Carmen is so hot!”. It is more important to think about the number of women who are helped by a pose like this, than about the people who are going to laugh at me, ” Carmen Borrego has made it clear, confirming that this pose in a swimsuit is to help all those women who feel insecure about their physique and to demonstrate once and for all that there is room for ALL bodies in this world.Readings It is not the first time that Carmen poses in a bathing suit for Readings. In 2019, Alejandra Rubio’s aunt was the protagonist of another explosive pose in which showed off her new figure after losing 10 kilos.Carmen Borrego has always been very sure of herself and this step forward has a goal behind it: “My goal is to help women my age realize that they can also pose in a swimsuit”.