Company investment: cost of agenda of meetings, of €1400 (VAT not included), and travel expenses for one person, estimated at €1450 (VAT not included).
A grant will be awarded for participation in the action of the 50% of justified expenses for the concepts and with the maximum amounts established in the call, maximum amount of the aid:
Schedule meetings €700
One person trip (plane tickets + transfer + accommodation): €725Companies interested in participating in the Mission can register until July 15 through the electronic headquarters of IPEX.
Documentation to provide:
The applicant must provide in digital format if they have not previously provided it to IPEX, the following documents: – Tax Identification Number (NIF), in the event that it is a legal entity. – Deed of incorporation and, where appropriate, subsequent amendments or other document that proves the legal personality of the applicant. – In the event that the applicant is a community of property, the following documentation will be provided: * Execution commitment of each partner, as well as the amount to be applied for each one of them. * Identification of the appointed representative, with enough powers to fulfill the obligations that correspond to the community of property as beneficiary. – Registration or census declaration in the Tax on Economic Activities (IAE).
CECAM offers companies the following battery of additional services:
Destination support: The FEDA International Area team will travel together with the companies to rotterdam to help you with any issues that may arise.
Travel and stay: Each company will be responsible for the lodging and travel expenses of the company’s representative in the action, however, both CECAM and FEDA, and in accordance with what is stated in the call, will make available to the company, a schedule of flights and preselected hotel, In this way, in addition to having the possibility of cheaper prices for being a group option, it has the added value of being in permanent contact with the team posted there, as well as the opportunity to maintain contact with the rest of the participating companies. The mission.
Commercial Agenda: Likewise, CECAM and FEDA make available to companies experts from the Transfer LC consulting firm, which will be in charge of carrying out commercial agendas based on the company’s profile and participation objectives.

Additional Information:
The Dutch economy is very open. The Netherlands is a country with a great commercial and distribution tradition, whose re-exports of goods and services account for 42% of its sales abroad. The degree of openness of the Dutch economy, according to data from the World Bank, is very high. The foreign sector is fundamental in the economy of the Netherlands. The trade balance of the Netherlands registers high positive balances, which make it possible to offset the deficit balances of services and transfers, allowing the country to systematically achieve current account surpluses. There are almost 6,000 companies in Spain that regularly export to the Netherlands. The main products exported to the Netherlands are usually: fuels and oils, automobiles and their components, vegetables and fruits, pharmaceutical products, machinery and plastics. The Netherlands is usually present among the top 10 positions in the different international rankings that analyze variables such as economic development, ease of doing business, level of education or quality of life. In December 2020, Eurostat presents a GINI coefficient of 26.8 for the Netherlands (0 means maximum equality and 100 maximum inequality in the distribution of disposable income), which positions the country in seventh place in the EU-27 ranking , which has a mean of 30.2. The Netherlands maintains commercial relations with all continents, although clearly the region to which it exports the most and from which it imports the most is Europe. In fact, nearly 71% of Dutch goods exports go to Europe, a figure greater than that of Spain (65.7%) and more than 53% of Dutch goods imports come from Europe. You can download the call with all the details in the link at the bottom of this news.