Why are public funds wasted?

Public Funds are the object of desire of all business sectors since the Next Generation aid package was announced. The lack of information and ignorance about the lines of aid aimed at companies, causes many subsidies remain in the drawer of public administrations. The inexperience in the administrative procedure triggers that many of the funds of the European Union, the State and the Autonomous Communities are left unallocated. Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs must be aware of the breadth of the supply of public funds existing in Spain. However, there is an oft-repeated maxim: the more innovative the project, the more chance there is of getting sunk money in the form of a grant.

How does my project have to be to increase the chances of success?
It is just as important to have a good project as it is to take into account and “take care” of the technical and formal aspects established by the calls. On the way to the consolidation of a new project, there is a fundamental role in the figure of establishing an optimal financing structure, in which there is a balance between the contribution of own resources and external financing. There are not a few cases of projects that, presenting great potential on paper, cannot be carried out because they do not have the necessary resources. It must be taken into account that most of the aid (especially those in the form of a subsidy), are received at the end of the process, when the project is executed, paid and justified, and the arrival of public funds may be delayed for several years.

Which sectors are receiving more aid?
The “green transition” is the star chapter of this first game. More than half of the funds allocated to date have been grouped under this title, 521 million euros in total. If you go down to the detail of what is actually financed, the truth is that basically, more than the change in the energy model, the investment in renewables, the new mobility or the circular economy, what prevails is the money destined for works of rehabilitation of houses or residential areas. Regarding community aid, the strategic lines of the member states have to do largely with investments in health technologies and the fight against climate change.
Is it possible to request different lines of public aid for the same project?
It must be borne in mind that many of the existing grants are not incompatible with each other and mean that the same project can receive funding from various sources of public funding, so it is recommended to go hand in hand with experts when planning to undertake a business investment to Optimize the use of public funds available in the different calls. From the Globalcaja Public Aid Technical Office, we put at your disposal the team of specialists from Euro-Funding, a consultancy with more than 20 years of experience analyzing the investment plans of companies with the aim of developing a customized financing scenario to finance R&D projects, industrial investments, business development or energy efficiency of innovative companies, universities, technology centers and research organizations. INFORMATIONTitleWhy are Public Funds wasted?DescriptionPublic Funds have been the object of desire of all business sectors ever since the Next Generation aid package was announced. Author GLOBALCAJA