MGM loses the rights to ‘Tomb Raider’ and Alicia Vikander will not be Lara Croft again

According to The Wrap exclusively, MGM has lost the film rights to ‘Tomb Raider’. According to the aforementioned medium, the studio should have at least given the green light to the production of a new film before last May to retain them, which has not happened. In this way, the film rights of the franchise have returned to the hands of Square Enix, a company that, as it did in 2011, has once again signed an agreement with the producer Graham King and his GK Films to manage them on his behalf. MGM reached an agreement with the aforementioned King in March 2013 to develop a new series of films based on the famous video game saga. As a result of said agreement in March 2018, ‘tomb Raider‘, a film distributed outside the United States by Warner Bros. and in which Alicia Vikander played her leading heroine, the famous Lara Croft who had previously been brought to life by Angelina Jolie in 2001 and in 2003. Since then a sequel again starring Vikander had been in development, first by the pairing of screenwriter Amy Jump and director Ben Wheatley, and later by Misha Green (creator of ‘Lovecraft Country’) as screenwriter and director. director. The project, however, ended in limbo due to the long process of acquiring MGM by Amazon, which began in May 2021 and ended last March, as Vikander herself commented just a few days ago. Although the project was always on the table, MGM never made it official or bet on it; for example, setting possible shooting dates. Finally and in what could well be an oversight, the rights expired this past May and this possible sequel will remain as one of many failed projects that we will never see, leaving Vikander, in principle, with the desire to play the role again. by Lara Croft. In principle, since although Graham King has now begun to offer said film rights to the different studios and streaming services in the expectation of a new reboot with a new Lara Croft, it should not be ruled out that MGM, or why not, the Amazon itself bid for them… and bet, this time yes, with desire, for said sequel. Stranger things have been seen, right?