The universe needs a little favor… ‘Glorious’ trailer

After a traumatic breakup, Wes ends up at a remote rest stop. Suddenly, he finds himself locked inside the bathroom with a mysterious entity that speaks from one of the toilets. Soon Wes realizes that he is involved in a situation more terrible (and surreal) than he could ever imagine… Shudder presents the official trailer of ‘glorious’, mutant genre film starring Ryan Kwanten as the Wes of its synopsis and JK Simmons as the voice of the aforementioned “mysterious entity”. Directed by Rebekah McKendry from a six-hand script written by Joshua Hull, David Ian McKendry and Todd Rigney, the film will premiere on the North American streaming platform owned by AMC Networks on August 18. As far as Spain is concerned, it is to be hoped that we can at least see it at the Sitges Festival. What less.

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