“Umbrella” Cast and Participation of Rain

umbrella‘ is a drama depicting extreme war fighting to make princes who are concerned about the problems of the royal family during the Joseon dynasty. Made by Kim Hye Soo , Choi Won Young Y Moon Sangmin, the drama is scheduled to air in October. It was reported on August 3, that Rain will make a special appearance in “umbrella«, which is quite significant because it is the first appearance of Rain in a historical drama. So fans want to see what kind of charm he will show in historical dramas. His most recent drama is «ghostdoctor» from tVN. No details were given about the character that Rain will play.

Rain in «Ghost Doctor» The synopsis of «umbrella» en: About the conflict within the palace to turn rowdy princes, who only cause headaches for the royal family, into true crown princes. Im Hwa Ryeong (Kim Hye Soo), is the mother of rowdy princes and the wife of a great king. Instead of having an aura of elegance and grace, Im Hwa Ryeong is a short-tempered, sensitive, and irritable queen. Although she used to have a calm temperament, she changed after people put pressure on her. She is a queen who sometimes lets go of her pride and even swears. Every day of her life is full of trials, but she bears it all for the sake of her children.

«umbrella» will be a period drama, comedy and drama that will have 16 episodes. The recordings have already begun with the direction of the PD Kim Hyung ShikThe Suspicious Housekeeper«, 2013; «Twenty Again«, 2015; «About Time«, 2018 among others. The script belongs to the writer park ba ra, it seems to me that it is his first work on his own in dramalandia. Pinkvilla Credits

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