Armando Iannucci and Sam Mendes will team up in ‘The Franchise’

Armando Iannucci and Sam Mendes will team up in a possible new HBO series. Possible, because at the moment the chain has only given the green light to the production of its first episode. Or pilot episode A first episode to be co-written by Iannucci and directed by Mendes, who will also serve as executive producers through their respective companies, Dundee Productions and Neal Street Productions, should the project, a half-hour comedy length per chapter, get on with it. under the title of ‘The Franchise’, the possible future series is meant to be a tongue-in-cheek look at the making of superhero movies, following a hopeful team trapped in the dysfunctional, wacky, lighthearted hell of creating superhero movie franchises. If they finally make it to the end, the question they will have to face is… Is this the new dawn of Hollywood or the last battle of cinema? Is it a dream factory or a chemical plant? Jon Brown, screenwriter of ‘Avenue 5’ and ‘Succession’, to be the one who assumes the creative reins as showrunner of a project that, out of curiosity, starts from an idea of ​​Mendes later modeled together with Iannucci. In turn, Brown signs the script for said pilot episode together with the aforementioned Iannucci and Keith Akushie. Iannucci has pending the premiere at the end of this year of the second and final season of ‘avenue 5’while for his part Mendes has pending the premiere (in theaters) of his latest film, ‘Empire Of Light’also at the end of the year (although in Spain it will be at the beginning of the following year) and whose first image you can see below.