Globalcaja highlights “the quality of what is ours” at the Las Pedroñeras International Garlic Fair

The president of Globalcaja, Carlos de la Sierra, attended the inauguration of the XLVIII International Garlic Fair, which is held until July 31 in Las Pedroñeras (Cuenca), and where the entity has an exhibitor in clear support of the agri-food sector and, specifically, a strategic crop for Castilla-La Mancha such as garlic. De la Sierra, who has valued “the quality of what is ours”, referring to the national and international prestige that many products from our land have, has highlighted the work carried out by the producers and marketers of Castilla-La Mancha, “which have placed the purple garlic from Las Pedroñeras in practically all the world’s markets, despite the difficulties.” Likewise, the president of Globalcaja has highlighted the role of the garlic sector in the generation of wealth, employment and life, above all, in our towns, contributing to the structuring of the territory. “It is a social crop, it generates economy, development and makes it possible for people to decide to live in the rural world.”
Drive for innovation
On the other hand, De la Sierra has visited the Cooperative San Isidro El Santo, with whom Globalcaja and its Foundation in Cuenca maintain an excellent relationship, and has had the opportunity to see first-hand the strong commitment made in terms of R&D&i. With the aim of offering garlic of the highest quality, since 2013, the cooperative, with the collaboration of the Globalcaja Cuenca Foundation, has been carrying out a plant improvement project through an in vitro meristem cultivation process, which allows you to obtain your own seed free of viruses and diseases, more productive and profitable. Last year, also with the support of the Foundation, a further step was taken with the construction of a greenhouse exclusively for the adaptation phase of the material produced in the laboratory to the outside environment. In this sense, the chairman of Globalcaja wanted to place special emphasis on the important repercussion that these research grants have for all producers in the area, “allowing them to obtain a higher quality garlic and making it an ambassador product of Castilla-La Mancha throughout the world”. Both De la Sierra and the president of the cooperative, Agustín Ortiz, have been satisfied with the achievements made in these years of collaboration in favor of the modernization and innovation of the agri-food industry.