Gloria Camila’s concern about her imminent confinement in ‘Nightmare in Paradise’

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Gloria Camila Ortega, who has premiered as a collaborator of ‘It’s already noon, is more aware than ever that she is locked up in ‘Nightmare in Paradise’ at a critical personal and family moment

“I have an incredible Papitis.” Gloria Camila Ortega, who premiered this Monday, August 8, as a collaborator on ‘It’s already noon’, is aware that she is facing her new television challenge at a critical personal and family moment, marked by the deep crisis that the marriage of José Ortega Cano and Ana María Aldón is going through. The right-hander’s daughter, who has talked about the bad relationship with her father’s wife, has now opened up about what worries her the most about her imminent confinement in ‘Nightmare in Paradise’, the new Telecinco reality show in which she already has been confirmed as a contestant.The image that Rocío Carrasco is showing of José Ortega Cano in ‘In the name of Rocío’ suffocates the right-hander in the worst crisis of his marriage to Ana María Aldón. This is the complex scenario that Gloria Camila leaves behind before the imminent premiere of ‘Nightmare in Paradise’ and after Lecturas uncovered, exclusively, the bitter three-way quarrel between her, Ana María and her father at the marital home located in Fuente del Fresno.Gloria Camila Ortega is about to lock herself in ‘Nightmare in Paradise’ Telecinco Gloria Camila has taken her seat as a collaborator on ‘It’s already noon’, where she has had to make great efforts not to cry. On the verge of breaking up, she has not wanted to reveal if the former right-hander and the designer are going to put an end to her marriage, justifying that she “belongs to them to say so”. “On my father’s part, I do know his decision,” he also clarifies. On a more personal note, Gloria Camila has once again stressed that she is “in psychological treatment” because the whole family situation around her makes her “very sensitive.” “It’s hard for me to see how this situation affects my father,” he admitted with glassy eyes. And he’s made it clear again that his biggest concern during his time on the show is his father’s emotional well-being. “In silence and at his house he is having a bad time. My father is sensitive and sometimes his health is very bad. And I have an incredible papitis”, she has recognized excitedly.