First trailer for ‘Bones & All’, the new film by Luca Guadagnino & Timothée Chalamet

MGM has released the first official trailer for ‘Bones & All‘, the new film directed by Luca Guadagnino, responsible for ‘Blinded by the sun’, ‘Call Me by Your Name’ or the remake of ‘Suspiria’, among others. Taylor Russell, Timothe Chalamet and Mark Rylance lead the cast of this film adaptation of a novel by Camille DeAngelis that is currently unreleased in our country. Written by David Kajganich (“The Terror”), its plot follows a young woman who embarks on a journey across her country to find a father she never knew, while also seeking to understand why she feels the need to kill and kill. devour the people who love her. After passing through the Venice Festival at the beginning of September, the film will hit theaters in the United States on November 23. As far as Spain is concerned, and in the absence of official confirmation, it will most likely be released in December directly on Prime Video.

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