María José Campanario talks about the kilos gained during pregnancy

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María José Campanario, after talking about what she gained during her third pregnancy, is clear that she still has a few months to go back to the weight she had before becoming pregnant

María José Campanario is going through one of the best stages of her life. Jesulín de Ubrique’s wife gave birth two months ago and since then she has been focused on the care of little Hugo. Until now, she had not made an appearance or spoken about it. But now, she and Jesulín de Ubrique have reappeared and have addressed different issues. In an interview granted exclusively to the magazine ‘Hello!’, the bullfighter’s wife has spoken of the kilos that gained weight during pregnancy and whether or not she has already recovered her figure before becoming pregnant. María José Campanario, in the statements granted to the aforementioned magazine, has revealed that during her third pregnancy He did not gain weight “more than 10 kilos”. Jesulín de Ubrique’s wife has said that before becoming pregnant she had gained some weight due to the medication she was taking for her illness. She has also said that she has not yet returned to her pre-pregnancy weight and she is clear that she still has a few months to recover it. “I will have a year to go back to my weight, but, honestly, it is the least important thing to me”, he commented about what your current situation is with your body. And if something is clear to him, it is that it is not something that worries him, because now the most important thing is his well-being and that of his little Hugo.Gtres so now María José Campanario is focused on the care of her third child, the fourth for Jesulín de Ubrique, that, as she herself has said, has come as “a blessing” to the family. A stage that is living in a very different way to when she became the mother of her other two children 19 and 15 years ago since now he does it with another age, other priorities and another experience.