María Pedraza breaks her golden rule and congratulates Álex González in the most romantic way

The relationship between Alex Gonzalez and Maria Pedraza is proof that love continues to cross the screen. The couple coincided in the series ‘Toy Boy’ two years ago and since then they have become inseparable. Although they are very reluctant to pose together and show love publicly, this time it was she who broke her golden rule on the occasion of the actor’s 42nd birthday. María Pedraza has opened her private album to share through her Instagram profile a romantic video of their last vacation together. In the images, recorded at sunset with the sea in the background, you can see how the couple dedicates signs of lovesome images full of complicity that reflect how much they are in love and the sweet moment they are living together. The actress has only accompanied the video of the word “congratulations” together with the emoticon of a lion and it is that many times the images speak for yes alone

Although at least for the moment, the protagonist of ‘The Prince’ has not reacted to the publication of his girl, just a few months ago he claimed to feel “the luckiest man in the world” being next to María. Traveling is one of the passions they share and it is that during this year and a half that they have been together they have visited Paris, Ibiza, Maldives or Italy, among others.