“Mental Coach Je Gal” Poster, Teaser and Premiere on tVN

Last November the casting offer for the upcoming tVN drama «Mental Coach Je Gal Gil» (literal title), which now also has the title «Mental Coach Je Gal«. The production will have 16 episodes of Drama and sports genres, the protagonists will be executed by Jung Woo, Lee Yoo Mi Y kwon yul. The premiere is announced for next September 12. “Mental Coach Legal” is about a former national athlete who quits sports after causing a scandal and becomes a mental coach to help former professional athletes who have retired and current athletes who have fallen on a losing streak.

Jung Woo He plays former national taekwondo athlete Je Gal Gil, who later becomes a mental trainer at the athletes’ village. After he causes an unprecedented accident in the town during his athletic days, Je Gal Gil is permanently expelled and coined the unlucky Taekwondo prodigy. Once he gets over his past trauma and regains his sanity, Je Gal Gil returns to the village as a mental trainer. There, he meets Cha Ga Eul ( Lee Yoo Mi ), who reminds him of his younger self, leaving him to face his inner wounds and reach a surprising turning point in his life. The main poster of “Mental Coach Legal” features a smiling Je Gal Gil sitting on a fence covered in inspirational signs. The stop sign has the word “begin” above it, while another sign says “LIFE IS GREAT”. The glowing billboard caption reads: “I decide the pace and distance of my life! Why not?”

The first teaser for the drama expands on this idea of ​​the fence as Je Gal Gil is shown taking a walk. Suddenly he is blocked by a fence that says “DO NOT ENTER, there is no way”. Rather than lose heart or lose heart, Je Gal Gil confidently attacks the fence, eventually forcing his way through and creating his own path. The direction is in charge of the PD Son Jung HyunAll About my Romance” of 2013; «Should we Kiss First» of 2019″ and «When my Love Blooms» of 2020), and the script is from the writer Kim Ban DiAngry Mom» 2015 and «Special Labor Inspector Mr.Jo«, 2019). Credits Soompi

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