Sonia Monroy, forced to undergo surgery, says goodbye to her plans to be a mother

Illnesses of celebrities Sonia Monroy

“I am facing the toughest surgery I have ever undergone in my life,” Sonia Monroy said, visibly worried, on her social media profile.

Sonia Monroy He has had to face one of the most difficult moments of his life. She herself has recounted the terrible experience she has had to go through after being diagnosed with multiple uterine myomatosis, an ailment that has forced him to undergo surgery. “The hope I had of being a mother, which was very, very small, has vanished forever. Once again life tests me,” she told her followers, trying to hold back her tears. “I’m still in shock, it didn’t even cross my mind to have what I have. Honestly, I’m facing the toughest surgery I’ve ever had in my life”, she explained. Apart from the physical discomfort that it has caused her, Sonia has made reference to the psychological damage “that will cause me to take away what women have to create life and know that I can never be a mother again.” Without wanting to fall apart, the artist has reminded herself that “I am a strong woman, I have overcome harder things in life and I will also overcome this (…) Soon I will be fighting again”, she said without to be able to contain her emotion by displaying her optimism. Fortunately, everything has turned out well and the artist is already recovering at home with the unconditional support of her husband. Sonia Monroy wanted to make it public to help all the women who, like her, suffer from intense bleeding, swollen abdomen, weakness and horrible menstrual pain: “Get checked out by a good gynecologist. It’s super important.” In her case, it was a misdiagnosis that led her to have to undergo surgery.