Warner Bros. will distribute MGM films outside the United States

According to Deadline, Warner Bros. has reached a multi-year agreement to handle the international distribution of MGM films, including, of course, Spain. That is, after all, they will not be released directly on Prime Video as it seemed that it was going to happen after the acquisition of the study by Amazon. ‘Bones and All‘, whose theatrical release in the United States is scheduled for next November, will be the first MGM production to be distributed by Warner Bros. under this new agreement, while the second will be in 2023’Creed III‘, whose two previous titles were already in charge of distributing internationally. ‘Samaritan‘ Y ‘Dark Harvest‘ are however out of this agreement, and like last week’s ‘Thirteen Lives’, they will be released directly on Prime Video at the end of this month of August and in September, respectively. According to Deadline, the deal is for three years, extendable for another two, and covers theatrical distribution of all MGM titles outside the United States, including China. However, outside this agreement they will remain ‘Till‘, ‘Women Talking‘ and the upcoming James Bond film, all three distributed by Universal Pictures. The first two based on the agreements previously signed with MGM, and the third based on the agreement signed at the time with Eon Productions (for which he already took charge of ‘No time to die’). It would be from the 27th James Bond film that Warner Bros. would assume its international distribution, as long as this agreement remained in force or had been extended beyond the five years currently agreed upon. Although Deadline does not mention it, it is to be assumed that after passing through theaters all these films will become available exclusively on Prime Video. The deal has been brokered by new Warner Bros. Pictures Group CEOs Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy and MGM COO Christopher Brearton. Probably not by chance, De Luca and Abdy left the presidency of MGM this year, last May, following Amazon’s acquisition of the studio. In this way, both will have the opportunity to manage the international distribution of many of the films to which they themselves gave the green light during the time they were in charge of said study.