“Lets Start the Defense”, will arrive on Disney +

Last December they started talking about the offer of the legal drama «Let’s Start the Defense“, or also “Let’s Begin the Defense” for Jung Ryeo-won, Lee Kyung Hyung and later the actor joined them Jung Jin Young. The drama will address the PD Kang Min Gu of “Itaewon Class” and the script is from the actress, art director and writer kim dan for whom this is his first script, but he also wrote the script for «New Recruit» a comedy drama aired on Olleh TV this year. «Let’s Start the Defense«, in Spanish «Let’s start the defense» is a legal mystery drama about two public defenders who become involved in a serial murder case involving wealthy elderly people.

Jung Ryeo Won in “Diary of a Prosecutor”

Jung Ryeo-won She will be playing No Chak Hee, a skilled lawyer who works hard and tries her best to win a case, she was once a lawyer with the highest win rate, but has been demoted to a public defense attorney. Her first name “Chak Hee” represents “living a good life,” but her last name “No” symbolizes how she has deviated from that expectation. A year ago, just before she was promoted to partner, her license almost got suspended after she got tangled up in a certain case. Her goal is to return to the law firm as soon as possible.

Lee Kyu-hyung in “Voice 4”

Lee Kyu-hyung He will play Jwa Shi Baek, a quirky public defense attorney with a very private life that not even his former assistant knows about. He is a cold and ruthless person towards the strong, but kind and good-hearted towards the weak. When he graduated from law school, he could become a judge, prosecutor, or attorney at one of the top three law firms, but he turned them all down and became a public defense attorney.

Jung Jin Young in “Unfamiliar Family”

Jung Jin Young He will be joining the two in the series as Jang Ki Do, the CEO of a major law firm with an ambitious wish. Until today it is announced that the drama will premiere in the second half of this 2022 on Disney + and will have 12 episodes of Mystery, legal and drama genres. Zapzee Credits

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