Kang Ki Young and Joo Jong Hyuk and Their Roles in ENA’s Hit

Kang Ki-young He was recently featured in the September issue of Esquire Korea magazine. The goal of the photo shoot was to capture the unique charm of Kang Ki-young. In the newly released stills, he is seen playfully posing in different outfits, making subtle yet playful expressions. “I love to try new things. Feel free to express his ideas or suggestions,” said the actor, who gladly agreed to every spontaneous idea that came his way, according to the magazine.

Kang Ki-young is receiving a lot of love for his thoughtful character, lawyer Jeong Myung Suk, in the hit drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo«. She shared, “I try not to get too excited. Since people love paper, it makes me want to explore more of what I can do. I am very excited to show a different side of myself in the future.” Regarding his role, the actor commented, “It is sad to hear that Jeong Myung Suk is the unicorn boss that does not exist in the real world. I acted in the belief that there would be many kind and considerate supervisors in the world.”

He also shared what it was like working with Park Eun-bin in the drama and said, “Just as Myeong Suk learned a lot from Woo Young Woo, I personally learned a lot from Park Eun Bin.” He then showed his affection towards his co-star Joo Jong-hyuk , “tactician” Kwon Min Woo, saying, “Jong Hyuk reminded me of myself when I was young.” Part of the effects of the popularity that he endorsed Kang Ki-young It was related to his wedding, the photos of this event became very popular online and all the celebrities who accompanied him two years ago were commented on, turning the ceremony into almost a red carpet!! For its part, Joo Jong-hyuk , held an interview with Harper’s Bazaar Korea magazine. Although he gained fame playing the evil and taciturn character Kwon Min Woo in the series, the actor is known for his integrity, being a Taekwondo lover and a former professional bartender. During the photo shoot, he proved himself to be a versatile actor by displaying bright and cheerful energy that he never showed in the series.

Following the photos, he shared his thoughts on how he felt playing the only villain in the series. He said, “Even my family doesn’t like him on the show. My dad checks my Instagram from time to time and alerts me every time I lose a large number of followers. He told me: ‘A thousand people stopped following you today. Please stop being so mean. A few days ago, I reached 200,000 followers on Instagram and my dad sent me a message: ‘Congratulations! You now have 200,000 followers!’, along with a screenshot showing the number of people following my account. So I guess there are some advantages to being hated by everyone.” He continued, “At first, he was a bit confused. I was like, do people hate me or the character? But now I just take it as a compliment for my performance«.

Of all the horrible nicknames given to him by the series and his fans, he chose one of his favorites. He revealed, “Personally, I like the ‘field puppy Jong Hyuk‘. I played a lot of country boy roles in my previous projects, so I think the name goes well with my overall image.” Well, we appreciate the work of this pair of excellent actors and we look forward to seeing you back in the second season!! Zapzee Credits

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