How High Can Gala Coin Go This Crypto Winter?


What would be the most recent estimate for the value of Gala given the amount of movement it has experienced so far in 2022? The month of November 2021 was productive for Gala Games, a distributor of video games. It achieved a new all-time peak after introducing fresh non-fungible token (NFT) characters as well as upgrades to its agricultural game Town Star. What will happen to GALA as well as play-to-earn games after that in 2022?

Eric Schiermeyer, the creator of the internet game FarmVille, launched Gala Games within the US aiming of giving gamers control of both the effort and cash they put into online games. Gala Games, to have not been mixed with Japanese games company Gala Group, seems to have its own cryptocurrency called gPotato.

Gamers could buy NFTs out of its store and then use the things in the company’s two games that have already been published. Gala Games claims that, in addition to decentralization, one of its guiding principles is to prioritize playability and create “games you’ll genuinely like to enjoy.”

Established in 2020, the native currency of Gala Games, GALA, experienced a positive price history in 2021, rising over $0.001 with an all peak of $0.84 on November 26. However, the price dropped between December 2021 & January 2022, reaching a bottom of $0.157 on January 22. Since, there have been many significant surprises to the cryptocurrency industry, on June 19, 2022, the currency was selling for about $0.05331. 

What Do You Mean By GALA?

The GALA cryptocurrency is indeed the virtual usage currency of the Gala Games environment, according to the “What really is GALA?” whitepaper. It is a part of the Gala Games environment & cryptographic keys safe. Users can share GALA with each other because they’re in complete control of its utilization.

GALA is a non-refundable usage currency that will be the primary medium of payment within the Gala Games network. The aim of establishing GALA is to give users that engage inside the Gala Games environment a simple and safe form of payment and reimbursement.

How Is Gala Put To Use?

Gala offers a range of videogames that customers can enjoy on the site, akin to a Steam shop or GOG. The videogames here are complimentary to enjoy, and customers can possess all the game stuff, unlike some other shops where gamers must spend to play online. is a content distribution marketplace with a hand-picked collection of games and a “you purchase it, you keep it” guiding principle. Gala’s method of blockchain-based gaming differs from the current ‘purchasing’ in-game products in a number of ways. The majority of these video games get an NFT or Metaverse concept, so players must either build anything really including using NFT to win. Additionally, there is an NFT marketplace that offers a variety of in-game items divided into six rarity classes.

GALA’s Price Development

The GALA token battled during the remaining of the year to get beyond its original cost after being public on September 18, 2020, at a cost of $0.0014. The cryptocurrency depreciated to its just all lowest of $0.0001 on December 28, 2020.

Earlier last year, GALA was able to reverse that negative growth, and in February 2021, it began to rise. The coin’s price peaked on February 27 at $0.032. This occurred at GalaCon, an internet gaming convention that the Gala Games staff held. Over 1,200 people attended the ceremony, which was held across two days on the GamerJibe network and featured gaming tournaments and a way to connect the core team.

Price growth persisted the next month, reaching $0.033 on 10 March. In March, Gala made a collaboration announcement with the Polygon network. Gala collaborated with Polygon to reduce the amount of petrol that players had to spend. In the announcement, a partnership to create a new game with Polygon was also mentioned, albeit there were few specifics.

The GALA price began to decline over the ensuing months, and by 22 June, it had dropped to $0.006. Although the coin did soar once more in July and August, it has only just begun to experience meaningful increases.

With the announcement of the currency’s inclusion on the trading platforms, September witnessed one of GALA’s biggest rising prices. The ability to buy with GALA was introduced by Binance on September 13. Four distinct coin pairings were made known, even those with Bitcoin, Binance Currency, Binance Dollars, and Tether. On the day before the posting, GALA reached an all-time high of $0.04, setting a fresh record.

The Bibox platform also declared GALA would be listed shortly afterward. It only includes a pair, which was with Tether, in contrast to Binance. Once more rose to $0.10, the price did so.


How High Will GALA Go? (2022-2030)

Price Forecast for Gala Coin in 2022

Gala is expected to cost $0.085 in 2022. Gala’s current price is 85% less than what it was at launch this year. 

Price Forecast for Gala Coin in 2023

Gala is expected to cost $0.13 in 2023. The gaming environment will undergo a change because of the Gala. For the very first time ever, in-game resources could actually belong to people. It can also be redeemed within and bought and sold elsewhere. Gala recorded a $3 million asset purchase milestone. The price of Gala virtual currency would range from $0.15 to $0.12.


Market Forecast for Gala Coins in 2024

Gala is expected to cost $0.19 in 2024. The Gala Game titles industry has been expanding quickly. Gala sports are still quite good and are quickly getting more popular. The Gala DAO is crucial throughout the game screening process. Gala Sports provides a decent and premium environment. Gala’s price range is $0.22 to $0.19.


Market Forecast for Gala Coins during 2025

Gala has been expected to cost $0.27 in 2025. Today, Gala utilizes the Ethereum blockchain. Designers of Gala also made suggestions on developing a different network just for Gala activities. Users will also have entire authority and a higher satisfaction thanks to something like this. Gala’s budget range is $0.32 to $0.227.


Market Forecast for Gala Coins for 2026

Gala has been expected to cost $0.4 in 2026. In-game interactions are now being made inside the metaverse by Gala game designers. Investors might anticipate joint ventures between industry titans in E-gaming and other activities. These will take place in such an effort to give consumers more fun and time online. Gala’s price range is $0.46 to $0.39.


Market Forecast for Gala Coins for 2027

Gala is expected to cost $0.61 in 2027. The industry’s fate will also be impacted by cryptocurrency technology. It is anticipated that blockchain networks will develop and expand to service numerous individuals. Blockchain network costs will rise significantly. Gala could set the new approval ratings by selling around $0.69 and $0.59.


Market Forecast for Gala Tokens for 2028

Gala has been expected to cost $0.85 in 2028. Gala will simply trade throughout economic expansions. There will also be an increase in total trade in conjunction with it now. Hedging benefits might encourage people to limit back on their current resources. The worth of the Gala will ultimately rise sharply something like this. The Gala will retail from $1.04 to $0.83.


Market Forecast for Gala Tokens for 2029

The Gala is anticipated to be worth $1.29 by 2029. On November 26, 2021, the Gala achieved an all-time peak of $0.8367. The Gala may start breaking marks in 2029. Early investors will benefit from gala trade and games. The gala should surpass $1, marking a new achievement. The prices predicted by Gala would be sold for between $1.43 and $1.25.


2030 Gala Market Price Forecast

The Gala is expected to cost $1.92 in 2030. Gala may move to the next step if participation is significant. non-fungible token possession would resemble real investment capital. Within the


virtual environment, there’ll be property developers, and the virtual world would host genuine festivities. Gala anticipates that the price will retail between $2.18 and $1.25.


Once you invest in Gala, you can monitor Gala’s price volatility by using a trading bot like stellar profit



A selection for top-notch games inside the Gala environment keeps expanding. Those include Spider, Town Star, and Legends Reborn tanks. All activities that are published to the Gala inventory are reviewed by the Gala DAO voting process. Gala has stressed the virtual currency games’ digital economy as their main marketing factor.


For the year, the Gala has lost more than 85% of its own value. The worth of in-game items and awards has indeed been significantly impacted by this. According to crypto research work, the Gala will be very rewarding during the upcoming bull market. In 2028, the Gala is anticipated to surpass the historic level. A Gala would cost you $2.91 in 2031.