Park Bo Gum and IU Together for “LIFE”, is it Possible??

On August 26, a media outlet reported that UI Y Park Bo Gum they had been offered the lead role in a new drama created by the screenwriter of When the Camellia Blooms Y Fight for my WayMrs Im Sang Choonthe production has the working title “LIFE”something generic I think, and in addition there have already been other productions with this title, the most recent that I remember is from 2018, broadcast by JTBC with Lee Dong Wook, Jo Seung Woo, Won Jin Ah Y Lee Kyu-hyung. Though Park Bo Gum made a guest appearance in the 2015 drama The Producers from KBS with UI As a lead actress, if she accepts this offer it will be the first time they have officially worked together on a project. However… We fans know that her agency, Blossom Entertainment, is famous for immediately denying everything, even if it turns out that everything is true. So of course the company was quick to state that they hadn’t even received the script to review the offer!!

Park Bo Gum on “Record of Youth” Enlisting in August 2020, Park Bo Gum he took his last vacation from the army on February 21 and completed his service on April 30. Since then, all eyes have been on him and which project will he choose to make his comeback. When his agency said that they had not received this proposal, it was also mentioned that the actor is looking for a story opposite to the sweet and emotional roles that he has previously played, what will be the truth? For his part, UI has starred in multiple successful dramas, such as Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo , My Ahjussi Y Luna Hotel and recently won rave reviews for his latest film, «broker« .

IU on “My Ahjussi” Upcoming Drama Will Direct PD Kim Won Suk, who has successful dramas like Misaeng , Signal Y “My Ahjussi“, with whom UI worked on this last drama. The production plans its premiere for 2023, so there are still no more details about the plot, when and where it will be broadcast. Regarding the report, a source from the agency UIEDAM Entertainment, revealed: “IU he is currently reviewing the offer for his next project.” Seriously, wouldn’t it be great to have this pair in a new drama?? I cross my fingers that both accept! Zapzee Credits

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